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Risk assessments at work

Has anyone had theirs yet?

I had mine yesterday, and my work have been great, They have given me light duties, which is great because my job is very physicly and emotionaly demanding along with heavy lifting and the risk of abuse and assult.

I have now been given a job in an office, using a computer!

Im not used to working at a desk as im usually standing and walking most of the day, any advice from anyone working in an office at the moment would be great, I maen ANY advice as I am out of my comfort zone.......I have been told to have a 5 min break from sitting at my desk every 20-30mins


  • think my manager is doing mine on friday. weather she actually remembers is another question! lol

  • lucky lady,

    mine last time was pants and not done until 28 weeks, i was told to take regular breaks but in my previous job i was lucky to get 1 in 12 hours nevermind a pee break!
  • Not sure my office know what a risk assessment is! :lol:
  • lol peeweesmum, As long as they are not making you do any heavy lifting and not making you climb ladders/climb on chairs or streach your arms over your head, thats what I have been told not to do!
  • This is exactly what my work involves. I work backstage in the theatre and will be on tour from around week 7 till around 5/6 months. 

    When I accepted the job I didnt know I was pregnant. The job involves moving potentially heavy items at the beginnig of the week and again at the end of the week with light work inbetween. When they offered me the job they said they usually use men because of the physical work and was I happy to take this on. I said yes no problem - it really is no problem. Until now?

    Its not the kind of job where I can swap onto light duties as we are all hired for specific tasks on a short term job.

    I work on fixed short term contracts. If I dont do this job then I am unlikely to get anything other job that doesnt have the same issues and I cant afford to not work the whole of my pregnancy. Im already assuming I'll be out of work from 6months and that'll be a nightmare financially as it is.

    So do I tell them and if so when, before I start, or after I've proved myself for a few weeks? Do I just get on with it and moniter how I feel?  

    I only just found out Im pregnant (and Im overjoyed about it) but Im worried that already my career is over

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