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feeling alone!

hey im 11 weeks pregnant and i feel really alone through this. more than b4 i had people around now i feel asif i dont have anybody does anybody else feel this way? it seems asif im falling out with alot of people aswell. also i dont no when to buy anythink for my bby i dont want anythink to go wrong. i would like to talk to some other to b mums at this point x


  • Hi hun, I know how you feel, I have recently moved into a new office at work so I dont know anyone and I have no family around, just a few friends with toddlers so spending time with them has always been difficult.

    As for buying things for your bump, you'll know in your heart when your ready, Everyone is different, some buy straight away, some wait until after the 12 week scan and some wait until after the 20 week scan.

    Even if you dont start buying just yet, it doesnt hurt to start saving and looking at things you like in catalogs/on-line and window shoppingimage

    Best thing about this forum is there is always someone to talk too and most ladies understand what your going through and support each other, so when you do feel alone, you can always sound off on here........ image
  • hello i know how you feel  i am almost 30 weeks now and ive been handling all this pregnancy by myself the baby father is here but he doesnt look interested or excited like i am, i feel that it doesnt matter how many people im around i feel completely alone. i cry all the time i dont know what to do. 

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