Do I need a new moses basket mattress?

Hi lovely ladies!

My lovely SIL is very kindly lending me her moses basket that she has used for my nephew and niece.

My Mum has said I should get a new mattress as this is what you should do for a cot mattress for each new child.

Have any of you done this or is it safe to use the existing mattress?xx


  • I think its important for cot matresses because its got to do with urine if they leak nappies or have accidents etc plus its used for 2 years at least but for a moses basket I dont think it matters I wont be buying a new matress they are only in it a few weeks each so no where near aslong as a cot image
  • I heard the same. I will be buying a mattress when I get my Moses basket from a friend, just don't want to risk it.
  • I think new mattresses are to do with two things that both increase the risk of cot death.

    Firstly, a mattress may become indented where it has been slept on and therefore a young baby may roll in the indent and then not be able to roll itself back therefore risks being stuck with its face into the mattress. This would probably be unlikely given the amount of time spent in a moses basket but again depends on how many previous babies have slept on the same mattress.

    The second issue (as someone else has already mentioned)is the fact that vomit, nappy leaks, milk and bits of shed skin clog up the pores of a mattress and therefore don't allow the mattress to breathe, again, causing risk to a young baby if it was to roll onto its tummy and end up face into the mattress.

    I believe these are the main reasons why it is recommended to change mattresses for each new baby. You can buy a standard moses basket mattress from Mothercare for ??9.99 and for peace of mind, i will be doing so.

    Hope this helps.

    L-M-C (15W)

  • Hi,

    Yes we did for all the reasons above. It's so little money, and just felt nicer for her.

    Hadn't thought about it but I guess we'll be buying yet another one. I kind of thought we might be able to use Matilda's for number two but having re-read these arguments, it seems like the only way forward doesn't itimage

  • Definitely getting new mattress!

    Thank goodness for you ladies, scary how little I know!x
  • I'm not sure whether to get new mattress for our cot though, we will be putting DD into a toddler bed and new one will gave her cot bed. I've always used a waterproof sheet under her sheet so don't think there's anything gross on the mattress! Reading these arguments though I probably shouldn't gave used the waterproof one as this will make the mattress none breathable but I did from 10 weeks with her when she went in her own room
  • I've just been re-looking into this as the last time i did was 3 years ago & don't want to give any inaccurate advice image

    Mini510_0 - it seems that a waterproof mattress is actually ok if being used second hand because it reduces the risk of bacteria. The only thing you need to make sure is that it is clean and not indented from the previous baby.

    The clogging of the mattress from sick, leaking nappies etc can cause overheating as well ask the bacteria risk which increases the risk of SIDS. The advice seems to be that if the mattress has previously been used by siblings and is in good condition (no rips, holes, indents etc) and has a waterproof covering, it is ok to use for a new baby. It is not however recommended to use a mattress slept on by a baby who is not a sibling.

    Seems even when having my third i'm still learning something new :lol:

    Hope this helps!


  • Sorry to be thick girls, I'm getting a new cot mattress. Do I use a waterproof cover or not. I was going to in case there was any leakage but does the mattress need to breathe?xx
  • I bought a waterproof matress for my son and he was in big cot from 8 weeks old and it has been a good send when he has been ill had a leaky nappy etc otherwise my matress would be ruined image

    Some cot matresses actually have one side that is waterproof so im sure its fine to have a waterproof matress
  • Yes it is fine to have a waterproof mattress image x
  • Hello,

    bit (very) late to this thread, but was wondering if i need a waterproof mattress protector for the moses basket?

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