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Got to have Anti-D injections. Anyone having/had it?

Had my appt to see MW yesterday to listen HB and all the routine checks, everything came back fine. My blood group was O negative, 1st time ive been told what my group was, but ive been told its a good idea to have anti-d injections especially as me and hubby would like another child later on. I dont like the idea of being injected with all sorts whilst carrying a baby. But i suppose i have no choice and would stop possible chances of miscarrying in the future. Appt was made and gotta have it in may when around 28 weeks, as soon as i got home i just browsed google straight away to look it up and quite alot of mums have had it, i guess its all for good reason. Can anyone reassure me?

On a good note i did not realise that O negative was special blood, ooooooohhhhhhhh :lol:

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  • Hey hun! I had slight bleeding (which turned out to be normal 'pregnancy bleeding') at 12 weeks and when they done tests etc they discovered I have the same blood group as you and I got an injection on the same day. I never had any type of side effect at all from the jag and I've to go back at 28 weeks too to get a second dose.

    Hope that reassures you that everything will be ok image

  • Aw thanks for replying hayley it does help. When she first said it i was so worried, never heard of any friends or family who have had it, i just said yes as i knew i had no choice.

    I had some bleeding at 8 weeks, but i guess it might of just been normal pregnancy bleeding too.

    Do we have to have these injections again in our 2nd pregnancys? Or is it just once we have these 2, thats it?

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  • Hey,

    I had it after my ectopic pregnancy as i'm O neg too. Just a jab in your bum, makes it numb afterwards but soon wears off. If you're Rh- you'll need at 28 weks and after the delivery and if you ever have any type of abdominal trauma. I have an anti d card I have to carry around so they can keep track of when I've had them xxxx
  • I know, I was quite worried as well but I was re-assured it was best if I wanted to conceive again. I basically think we get the jags for the next pregnancy - so even if we didnt get the jags this baby would be fine.

    It's quite reassuring to me too that you also had bleeding, must be something to do with the blood type or maybe just a coincidence lol!

    If you were to get pregnant again after this wee one is born I think we would have to go through the same process with the anti-D jags.


    p.s 17 weeks today for me yipeeeee!
  • Just got a letter through the post for an Obs appt on 20th of may, so im guessing thats when i have the injection.

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  • Hi

    I am rhesus negative and have had to have injections for all of my pregnancies including my 4 miscarriages. It is perfectly fine just stings a little if you get a mean mw. I get them at 28w, 34w and then one straight after birth. It helps prevent problems with baby and future pregnancies if babies blood is positive (which will happen if your oh has positive blood group)
  • Thanks alf, what are they like we just give birth then they shove an injection in us mind you probably wont feel it after all those labour pains. :lol: There is no way i could get my hubby to have a blood test to check his blood group, hes terrified of anything to do with drs/hospitals, not quite sure whats gonna happen when im in labour, hoping he will change.

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  • G/C, I'm 39+4 and am Rh- too. I think about 15% of people are and it's routine for them to offer you this. The reason is that if baby is Rh+ and at some point your bloods mix (usually at birth I think) then your body may start to make antibodies against it. The jab fools your body into thinking that you are already immune. They check for anti-bodies with your first blood test so if you'd already developed them they'd have told you. I had the jab at 28 weeks and a few weeks later fell over, I felt a bit silly going to hospital like I might be wasting their time but they gave me another jab and said I was right to go, so if you have any tummy trauma call the MW or hospital. They also took more bloods when I fell adn then contacted me a few weeks later to say they'd found Anti-D antibody in my blood and needed to come for another blood test, which really worried me. But this was down to me having the jab, they just had to check.

    Sorry to babble on but it worried me so just wanted to put your mind at rest. I didn't find it too painful and I'm rubbish with needles, you'll be fine. image xx
  • Thanks starry and everyone for giving me abit of info and clearing things up for me. I hope i dont fall over, ill be such a nervous wreck but will contact them straight away if i do. Ill just crawl around on my hands and knees and ill be fine :lol:

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  • Hi. Today i found out i am rhesus negative too so its great to see the replies you've gotten. My midwife told me the risks and said i'd be tested again at 28 weeks for any mixing and would have the jab if so but would also be offered it as a precaution if not. Then would be tested after the birth and same process applies. She told me if i had ANY bleeding to get to the gp asap as the likelihood our bloods mixed is increased during a bleed. I have to have a think and let her know next time if i want the jabs.
  • I am O rh- too but so is my husband so i assumed that i would not need to have the injections but my MW has said i still need to have them as they treat the baby as "positive until proven negative" which i found strange as my husband is definitely negative as he has a blood group card so thought basically 2 negatives made a negative baby! Anyway i have to go for my first jab on 1st June at 30 weeks...

  • Yeah i dont quite get that jonesy, there is no other way the babys blood could be positive, it couldnt get it from anywhere. I suppose they just want to give it to every Rh neg mum to be on the safe side then they know they have offered it.

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  • Anti-d injections are an amazing thing if you need them. As an alternative option, you can get a fetal RHD screening blood test to find out the blood group of your baby whilst you are pregnant. It is just a normal blood test.  If it is a rhesius negative you will not need to have the injections. They do this as a standard test in European countries before they give injections.

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