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Midwife told me sex from heartrate at 16 weeks!

I had my 16 week appointment yesterday and the midwife told me shes convinced from the heartbeat it's a girl. She said she's right 95% of the time! I wonder! 4 weeks till I will find out! Let's test the theory those that know the sex what was your heart rate? Mine was 155 she said anything under 140 normally boy and 150+ girl in between nit so sure!


  • ooo!! they are normally right midwives image mine was at 16 weeks - 140-155bpm and at my 17+3 week scan where they confirmed a girl it was 144bpm!! x
  • Ooooh, thats interesting, I had mine measured yesterday and it was about 150.

    I asked her if she could make a guess at the sex based on that and she said she didnt think it was an accurate way to judge as the heart rate lowers as you get nearer to your due date.

    BUT she did say that higher heartrates are usually girls - so I am choosing to believe her as I would love a little girl.

    Only 6 more sleeps til I find out so I will let you know Mini!! xx
  • Our baby is trying to keep it a secret, the little bugger. hehe.Our babies HB was 140 so bang in the middle, no idea at all. Ive had gut feelings all along im having a girl, judging by the cravings too and the chinese gender chart all predict girl. Sounded more like a train noise than horses galloping, so maybe its all wrong and im having a boy, i find out in just under 2 weeks. Plus it runs inthe family that boys were 1st.

    MPP + Bean (18+1)

  • Mine was 173BPM so alot higher than everyone elses. I do have one very lively baby though can feel it moving alot find out tuesday is the theory is true x
  • Hi,

    This doesnt work out for us. Both babies had different heart rates, 150 and 130 and as we are having identical babies the theory is flawed as they are the same sex (we don't know and arent finsing out).

    I have read that is isn't a very accurate way to detect the sex and is now classed as a wives tale, but if you are finding out at your scans then its a good marker to see if midvife was correct.

    Keep us posted x
  • I'm having identical twins so I'm not sure iF the heart rate would apply to me.  I was also told that anything under 150 were boys and above were girls.  Both heart beats have been different at my 16 week appointment one was 148.. We will find out on the 20th what they are at the gender reveal! 

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