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Anterior placenta?

I have just been looking through my notes and noticed that my placenta is down as being anterior! Can anyone explain what this means? I'm guessing that if it was an issue they would have explained this to me?

Would this explain why I'm not feeling as much movement as with my first? I do feel him move and it is strong but can go days without feeling anything?

Thanks girls xxx


  • i had this with DS it means its at the front so there is a cushion between the baby and your tum, for me it meant i only felt movement down the sides, this time it is upper so i get all the punches! :lol:
  • Thanks hun! That would explain it then! I've been getting movement at sides xx
  • Hi Artysmum, I noticed my notes said I have an anterior placenta. It's not a problem unless it's also low lying. But you will probably find kicks are harder to feel.

    I felt odd movements every now and then but over the last week or 2 I have felt movement every day (several times a day). Mostly I can only feel the baby quite low in my tummy but I have found that if I lie on my back I can sometimes feel it higher up now.

    So don't worry about the placenta, and you will start to feel things more regularly soon image
  • G/C from DIJuly. I have this too. As the others said it just means your placenta is at the front. Im 26 weeks and feel loads of movement. This is my first so I dont know if the movement im feeling is less than it would be if my placenta was the other way, all I know is it feels like I have a little disco dancer in there!! I asked my midwife about it and she said it made it a little more difficult for her to hear the heartbeat because it was in the way, but other than that it made no difference xxx
  • Thanks all! I'm starting to feel movement more regularly now though not as much as with ds1! Xx
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