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How Much Weight...

.....have you gained so far?

Totally stealing this from DI June, but thought it might be quite interesting to find out.

I'm 29 weeks tomorrow and have gained 16lb so far...

Not really sure if that's a lot... I'm guessing its still going to increase somewhat too! image



  • So far, I have gained nothing! I lost some weight at first & put it back on so I'm now even.

    However, I am not meant to gain as much as the average pregnant woman as I'm already overweight so I'm not a good marker!
  • I'm not exactly sure but think I've put on about 14 - 16lb but I'd lost more than that amount prior to BFP so not too bothered about how much I've pu on just at the moment. Didn't weight myself at the end last time so unsure of how much I put on but estimated it was between 1 and half to 2 stone

    my belly is bigger this time round, but I look slimmer although my boobies are much bigger this time round, goodness knows what they'll be like when my milk comes in haha
  • I've put on about a stone so far at 26 weeks but I was underweight to start so am expecting to be nearly 2 stone by the end as that's what i gained with dd x
  • No idea! Havent weighed myself and im not going too. Midwife said I look 'about right' so didnt bother weighing me at the last appointment either. I will only get depressed if the scales give me a number I dont like so Im avoiding them until im back in my pre-pregnancy jeans again! xx
  • about a stone so far, put on 3 last time but i am exercising and running around after a toddler this time!
  • I've gone from 8.3st to 9.4st, so just over a stone - I never weigh myself, just going on what midwife said. Is there an "average" amount of weight you're supposed to gain?
  • I weighed myself last night and have only put on 10lbs. Quite surprised as I've always had to be careful with my weight, although have always been a 12/14 which i guess is pretty average. Thought I'd be piling on the lbs but at the minute I'm a bump on legs - nothing round my back or hips. Everyone at work is saying a boy for sure image
  • G/C Peewees mum Im the same 37 weeks on monday and a bump on legs too, just have a pod egg from my tummy and everyone said boy....Its a girl :lol: sorry to throw spanner in works lol x
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