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planning anymore?

so who is thinking about the next?

we wanted another but since having my second emergency section were not so sure, hubby doesnt like the idea of me going through surgery again and i'm not keen myself, but i dont like to think that i'll never be pregnant again x


  • Hi, we always said one would be enough, and everyone says...oh down the line you will change your mind etc etc.. but I have to say we are happy and thankful just to have our beautiful little girl. Also, we are not getting any younger!! image

  • Well, I've always intended to have at least 3 children - and this Matilda is our first. After the fiasco of giving birth my husband thinks it will be longer then we had planned till we get around to another baby - to be honest it was very scary for him with me being wheeled off to theatre leaving him in a room on his own holding the baby and looking at my blood all over the floor. Can't blame him for worrying!

    I surprised myself this week by thinking I would like to have another in the not too distant future. But in reality I think I will be afraid for a little while to come image
  • I really want another, the complicated birth and colicy baby havent put me off at all. I just love her so much and cant wait to see what the future brings. She has started trying to smile and its do cute watching her. I keep wondering what she is going to look like when she laughs or her hair grows and what her voice is going to sound like. I really hope I get the opportunity to have another baby, but it wont be for a few years yet because I just want to enjoy every second of Phoebe at the minute. xxx
  • We'd definitely like more babies, but I want to make the most of spending time with my little man first - there is so much to learn and he is changing so much that I don't want to rush into another pregnancy too soon. My OH is thinking completely differently and is talking about us trying again next summer image
  • While I would love to have more children I know that it is not possible for sooooo many reasons. I have 3 wonderful children now and am lucky enough to now have both boys and a girl.

    Due to the complications of pregnancy that I suffer from the consultant has strongly advised me never to become pregnant again as the strain could be too much this time on my heart, lungs, pelvic area! (he did say that last time!!) My husband agreed with me that this was it as I couldn't take any more, plus the financial implications and lack of room in the house.

    However he is now saying he won't have the snip as we might change our mind in a couple of years!!and that he would possibly want more (he will be disappointed!)

    I am sad that i will never have that pregnant feeling again and the newborn moments of meeting baby for the first time but I am lucky to have my 3 as we were told we would probably never have kids and don't think I could take the possibility of my risk of even more miscarriages.

    I am trying to enjoy every moment I can with Emilie-May as a newborn as well as my sons before i return to work in January.

    If I won the lottery I might be persuaded (the joy of private health care to help me thorugh it!!!) :lol:
  • Most definitely NOT lol......

    Il ove my Phoebe to bits and don't want to share myself to any other children. I feel that my family is complete and have told hubby that he is for the chop lol :lol:
  • Only a few hours after giving birth i told my husband 'i could do that again' much to his surprise, i'm guessing it was the adrenaline. I always said i didn't want an only child but i also don't want them to close together or to be an old mum i'm now 36 so not sure the numbers stack up. What will be will be, lets hope the next one is as easy as Emily.
  • I used to always want 3 or 4 but since having Finley I feel very 'complete' (as corny as that sounds). I have found it very hard work with two (although he is only 9 weeks old so early days I guess) and am shattered. By the evenings I am rather grumpy and swear every night that I am no way ever having any more EVER!

    So as of right now my answer is no more. (give me a few years and maybe I will want another.... if hubby lets me!) xxx
  • We're quite happy with our lot now. I was very keen after MissG to make another, and now we have MasterG our little family unit feels complete and content.

    I don't mind the idea of not being pregnant again as I had morning sickness the whole way through both pregnancies!

    If we had an 'accident' it wouldn't be the worst thing, but I definitely don't think there will be any more planned babies for us.

    I also found labour much more painful second time around and like thehoads I knew I could do it again after MissG, but after MasterG, I'm not so sure! Might have been the difference between a 6lb baby and a 9lb baby!!

    Good luck to all of you who are opting in for another one image

  • Nope!

    Now we have our gorgeous girl and boy which we feel so lucky for like Shelley5185 said my hubby is up for the snip! I love my 2 but hate pregnancy and just feel like we are the complete unit now and the thought of never being pregnant again just fills me with joy!!! I know I am probably alone with this one! :lol: X
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