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Magical Moments

Hi Ladies, thought we could start a thread listing a magical moment with our little ones!

Yesterday, Jazzie was in her moses basket mid morning, supposedly having a nap, but I was watching her on the montior and she was quite happy just kicking her legs and waving her arms. She was in there a good 15-20 mins before she started a little cry, not a proper one, more like a little whinge as if to say, I'm bored now!

I walked into our bedroom and as soon as she saw me, she stopped and gave me the biggest smile ever! It totally melted my heart! She has been smiling a while, but for her to recognise me come in the room, then smile, was just magical!

Come on.... share your story.



  • i know what u mean, its the best smile when they recognise u after a nap image

    i think my favorite moment so far is having a random conversation with freya, i was talking to her about going to see her grandad driving a tractor (we're a country family , as a child i used to drive around in a tractor with my dad) :lol:

    it was like she understood every word i was saying and was gurgling back to me.

    couldnt stop smiling after that image

  • its got be be DS giving DD a big kiss, melted my heart!
  • when Finley smiles up at my DD when she's standing on her buggy board singing him 'baa baa black sheep'... just gorgeous!

    And when my DD said to me today 'Mummy makes Rosie happy', made me cry!

    I love my children so ruddy much!!!!!

  • My DD is getting very kissy with me and Finley at the moment, she adores him so much it makes me smile all the time, looking at this photo at 2.55am whilst trying to settle Finley makes it all feel worth it!

  • Ahhhhhh - that's sooooo cute!!! Zxx
  • Gorgeous picture Roo! It reminds me of my two, although I've not managed to capture the moments on camera yet image

    I think my magical moments are when I see MissG and MasterG 'interacting'. It's still quite bitty, where MissG waves at hime and says hello when he's sleeping, or MasterG is cooin at her, but she doesn't notice. But when they notice each other being cute, it's a bit of a heart melter for me image

  • Lovely moments! And such a cute pic Roo.

    We are a bit behind so I haven't commented before, but yesterday I had a moment that I felt was magical for us. I had laid Matilda on my bed while I got dressed ready to go out and was just chatting away to her. I stopped talking and went to the other side of the room to get something and noticed that as I walked round the bed she followed me with her whole head turning to keep me in sight.

    I was so excited! She almost has smiling down too - not quite there but it'll be any day now I think, can't wait!
  • We went for our 6 week checks at the doctor on tuesday and while I was waiting in reception and Matilda was very upset (tummy ache), screaming the place down and nothing would calm her. Eventually I calmed her enough for her to take the dummy and settle, I was looking down at her and talking softly when from begins the dummy she gave me the biggest grin like she knew the fuss she'd been making... It made me actually laugh at her! She's such a troublemaker
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