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First AF

Hi ladies, Jazmine is 8w old today! Time is flying!

Just wondering when you get your first AF after having a baby? I've been getting some tummy cramps on and off, but nothing as yet??

Any ideas?



  • with my first it was 6 months, I came on almost immediately after stopping breastfeeding.

    This time I haven't even stopped bleeding from the birth - 9 (almost 10) weeks on.... been to dr several times and they say it can take a long time for some women to stop bleeding... nightmare!!!!

    I am desperate to return to normality image
  • Thanks ladies.

    Roo - my bleeding stopped after about 5 weeks, then started up again for a few days, I was told to slow down as doing too much can prolong the bleeding a bit. Just keep an eye on it....thankfully mine has stopped now.

    I guess my AF will show up soon, not looking forward to having periods again!! image

  • Well, 8w and 3 days and the witch has showed up!! Not looking forward to having periods again!! :cry:

  • Bless you - hope it's not too bad. I'm not looking forward to periods again (although my mum said hers weren't as bad after she had a baby).

    I'm still bleeding from birth, but think I'm almost finished - then I hope the fact I'm still partly breastfeeding will hold off the witch :lol:
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