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Please can I join?


I hope you don't mind me joining your group, but I have just come across your forum and have loved reading your experiences so far. Congratulations to you all on your gorgeous little ones. My baby girl - Ella was born on 19th July 2011 in Southampton.

At Ella's 6 week check she was weighed and the doctor was slightly concerned that she has dropped a centile on her chart. She had gained a little weight tho....

I am purely bottle feeding due to issues on day 2 and I am feeding her SMA gold. She loves her food and eats 5 fl oz every 3 hours up till 7pm when she goes to bed and she is sleeping all the way through till 7am so she is having 5 feeds a day - but is this enough? She loves her sleep - just like her Mummy! :lol:

I am taking her to weigh in this morning and I am hoepful she will have increased, but I was wondering if anyone else had experieinced anything like this?

thanks for reading..... x


  • Welcome! And congratulations! I don't have a lot of experience because I'm a first time mummy but I'll try and help image

    I am combination feeding matilda, but mainly it's formula ai don't have much milk. Matilda is technically an August baby as she was so late, she is 4 weeks old. She hadn't been weighed since 2 weeks (going to take her to clinic this week) when she had regained birth weight +1oz (she had lost a whole pound the week before).

    When we started on formula she didn't take anywhere near the amount the health visitor said she should be doing but she was still gaining weight. She now feeds sporadically (we have no regular pattern yet) but takes 800-900ml (36oz I think) in 24 hours. However this is more than the packet says she should be taking.

    We feed Hipp Organic and it recommends 5 feds of 150ml (5oz) up to 2 months so I think you're feeding enough. I think she would let you know if she wasn't getting enough.image
  • Thank you I appreciate your reply and it certainly puts my mind at ease. It's not easy being a first time Mummy!

    I went to weigh in this morning and whilst she wasn't as heavy as I would have liked she is still gaining weight. The hv today wasn't concerned and said the same that she would let me know if she wasn't getting enough so guess she just isn't destined to be very heavy!

    Wish I could say the same :lol:
  • Firstly, hello and welcome. Congratulations on your little one. I am not far from you, I'm in Poole.

    Anyway...we are exclusively bottle feeding, and like MrsP, we are also using Hipp Organic and she is thriving! She takes 150ml (approx 5.5 fl oz) every 3 hours. At night she has the last feed around 8-9pm, then sleeps through till 5-6am. However this does vary some nights.

    Weight wise, we had her 8w jabs today (which went surprisingly well, she hardly cried!) and she weighed 14lb 3oz!! She loves her milk.

    You're right though, its not easy, I too am a first time mummy!

    Look forward to keeping in touch.

    Zoe xx

    ps she was 8lb15oz when she was born! image
  • Thanks for your reply Zoe - Ella has her 8 week jabs next week. Jazmine did well today you must be pleased - bless her!

    14lb 3oz is a great weight - Ella is 10lb 7oz today (she is 8 weeks today). I might try Hipp as Ella can be a bit sicky and is very windy on SMA. It seems she is taking a good amount so hopefully she will settle on this centile. I thought that when I had her I would worry less - but no just different worries!
  • hello!

    welcome to born in July forum! congratulations on your little one! This is a great forum for getting support and advice, much busier than some of the others (I popped in to be nosey in born in June and born in May and they are so quiet, everyone on facebook I think).

  • hello

    i had jasmine on the 16th 2 days over, she is my second, it sounds like your doing a fab job, our first started on sma but that made him sicky so we switched to aptimal, if shes sleeping al night shes very unlikely to be hungry, your one lucky mummy! my 20 month old still wakes as well as baby twice!
  • Hi There,

    We must have crossed paths... I had my son on 13th July at Southampton and left on 16th! I cannot tell you how jealous I am about your little one going through the night- I am having a nightmare with Oliver. He grazes (also bottle fed) but only taking 3 or 4 oz in the day at a time and 2 or 3 oz at night so wanting it more often! He is def improving though, I am trying to be firmer on his day time feeds so that he goes longer and fills up more. He does suffer from reflux though and is on Infant Gaviscon so don't know how far to take this one. Trouble is I have a 3 year old too and with the baby up every 2 hours at night and husband working full time it is proving tiring to say the least!!

    Looking forward to chatting more, I am a newbie too but love this forum, it's definitely the best I have found and I have been looking at a few!

  • Thanks - I know I am very lucky that she is sleeping as well as she is!

    Emz1108 - that is so funny that you were in a couple of days before me!! Congratulations to you - bless you though your life is certainly full I don't know how I would cope with Ella and a toddler as are doing a great job!

    I am less worried about Ella's weight now she certianly seems happy in herself we had a proper giggle today which was amazing. I am just trying to give her a little more during the day and will keep an eye on it.

    It's great to read all of your stories - thanks for the advice and support!

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