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Day to myself

Last Sunday I spent the day with a friend at a health spa and it was just what I needed.

I left Phoebe with her daddy and enough milk to see her through the day and treated myself. it was just what I needed.

Needless to say it was lovely to see her when i got back but doing something just for myself without a baby in tow was great.

i have since started Zumba on a Wednseday evening and am off out with the girls for a meal tonight........

i highly recommend itimage


  • Sounds great Shelley. The health spa sounds fab!!!

  • Hi Shelley!

    Are you BF? How long did it take you to get enough milk sticked up? Did you have to express while you were out at the Spa?

    I'm BF, but haven't thought about starting expressing yet, but I have my cousin's hen doo coming up next month, so will have to start thinking about it!

  • However much we love our babies and can't imagine life without them now, I'm a strong believer in getting some time to yourself too. I've had a few short nights out with the girls and had a girly shopping trip on saturday. OH loves having some daddy-son bonding time too because he misses a lot in the weeks because he works long hours, so it works for both of us!

    MissusG - re. expressing, I try to plan a week or so in advance for any events/occasions that i might be going to. I work out how maby feeds i might be away for a try to spread the expressing of milk out across a whole week, otherwise i find my breasts become engorged if i express too much each day as they think they are meant to produce more going forwards. I also try to express 1 more bottle than will be needed just incase DS gets extra hungry.

    As soon as i get home i either have to feed straight away or express to relieve the pressure of not feeding for a few hours.

    Not sure if you've got a pump, but I'd recommend the nuby pump, it allows for hand and electric pumping and remembers how fast/slow your milk flows so mimics baby's sucking more. You can get some breastmilk storage bags from mothercare too.

  • Thanks for the advice RS. I expressed before with MissG, but it was different then because I wasn't feeding her myself, just expressing to feed (sounds stupid, I know, but there's a long story reason behind it!).

    I think I'll get my pump out and sterilised this weekend and have a shot at giving MasterG the bottle.


  • Hi Mrs G...

    It took me about a week to express enough for the day (4 feeds) an I did have to express twice whilst there because my boobies became engorged. I use a hand pump and express enough now each day for there always to be about 8oz in the fridge as Iam doing the night feed and then hubby does the feed first thing in the morning.
  • Thanks Shelley,

    I'll have a practice run this weekend, then work on stocking up next week if it goes OK.

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