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Cradle Cap & Dry Skin

Hi ladies

Jazmine's cradle cap has come back a bit. We got some shampoo that helps treat it yesterday from Asda, so will be trying that tonight. Hopefully it will help/work.

Also her skin is really quite dry on her cheeks and forehead, what would you say is the best thing to use??

Any advice welcome - thanks.



  • hello,

    freya hasnt got cradle cap but she does get dry skin around her face and legs, we used baby oil but it didnt really help much, so we are using johnsons baby moisturing cream. i think it only cost ??1.80 (ish)we just use it after her bath and maybe in the mornings if she needs it, cleared up rather well.

    hope it clears up


  • Hi

    Ella suffers from really dry skin - she looked like a lizard at one point! We used Aqueous cream at home which you can buy from Tesco/Sainsburys for about ??2 for a big tub but when I took her to the doctor they gave us a prescription for double base which absorbs better and it has worked a treat she looks normal again!

    Hope this helps

  • Matilda had a lot of dry skin when she was born, the midwives said I could just use virgin olive oil on her. I did on any flaky patches once a day and she was normal after a few days!
  • Hey there!

    Definitely try olive oil on dry skin. Works well for us.

  • Hi

    We have the same problem with Emilie-May. She has eczema - we tried oilatum which my other 2 have for eczema but it didn't work so I asked at the chemist - they suggested aveeno cream and in bath so I bought some. It has worked wonderfully on her skin and has got rid of cradle cap from using the in bath additive. I told the dr yesterday at her 6 week check and the dr has now given it to us on prescription saying that it is very good stuff for sensitive baby skin. It worked wonders on my skin as well when I had a bath with her the other day.
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