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Stinking cold... any ideas?

Hi there,

My 9 week old has come down with a stinking cold... joys of having a 3 yr old too as she brings nasties home from nursery that are unavoidable. Bless him though hes really bothered, runny nose and mucus on his chest, he uses a dummy at night and cant breathe so that wakes him even more than usual. He s also grazing more than usual as eating is hard work constantly stopping for breath. I have been giving him calpol as is directed for tiny ones but to be honest not sure its doing much for him.

I would be so grateful for any remedies that people have tried and proved effective... Just want to make him feel better :cry:


  • hello

    try taking him into a steamy bathroom that helps, also we put albas oil on a muslin in the bedroom, your not suppose to use it on them until 3 months but we put it away from him, also we have used plug ins but i think they are 3 months, there very strong so need to be away from bubs, you can get saline drops to help clear that are fine from birth

    hope hes better soon x
  • finley got a cold at 3 weeks old, we used the saline nasal spray just before feeds which worked well.

    when my dd has had colds in the past we've used carvol capsules, you drop them onto a muslin and hang it in their bedroom.

    hope you little one feels well again soon x
  • Thank you both for your ideas, they were really helpful. Wasn't sure what I could and couldn't use him being so little still. I went for the olbas oil in his room and that seemed to do the trick... definitely getting better now and starting to clear up now.

    Thanks again X
  • glad hes getting better x
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