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Paranoid new mum, bit scared and anxious

Emily is 10 weeks old today. she had her first injections on thursday so was a bit sicky friday and saturday. Shes generally hitting her milestones, shes been smiling for about 4 weeks, giggling for about a week, not belly laughs but definite giggles. Shes been cooing etc for about 2 weeks. shes sleeping for 5 or 6 even 7 hours straight at night. But for the last 48 hours shes been a bit 'off it' shes not drinking as much as I would like, tho she is still feeding regularly, but shes not wanting to make eye contact much, not 'chattering', i fight for her attention and then i will be rewarded with a few smiles if she feels like 'talking'. I read something about autism and evasive eyes last night on a link from google and now (me being prone to anxiety) i cant shake the fear that shes developing some more sinister problem. this morning when i was dressing her she was staring right at me and smiling, then as i was getting ready she was following me around the room with her eyes and head. I know these are good signs, but this afternoon again, shes a bit distracted. Should I be worried?? Or am I, as I hope and suspect, being over paranoid? :?


  • hello

    its most probably a growth spurt, babies can be a bit unsettled from thier norm during these times, if you are worried it may be worth a trip to the gp to express your worries so they can have a look over her
  • Hi there,

    I was so similar to you with my first baby, my family and friends would laugh at me as one minute she had autism, the next no teeth in her head as they were so late coming through. All I can say is she is now a perfectly normal beautiful 3 year old girl (all be it very cheeky) who defintely doesn't have autism and a full mouth of teeth. As piggypops says you should go to the gp if concerned but in view of her smiles, giggles and usual eyecontact Im sure theres nothuing wrong. My nearly 10 week old son is smiling lots but not what I'd call giggling but then hes quite a grumpy baby image and this time I feel much calmer about things as my little girl showed me they get there in the end!

    Take care and try not to stress, just enjoy her x
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