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Hi, I'm new here. My daughter Phoebe (seems to be a popular name) is just over 10 weeks old and is still breastfeeding every 2 hours or so during the day and can feed for what seems like ages. I can't complain as she sleeps amazingly at night, but sometimes I just feel like I spend all day feeding her. Was just wondering if its normal to still be feeding this frequently?


  • My daughter was like that, but through the night as well! Sounds as though she has it the right way round though
  • hello there!

    my baby girl is just over 9 weeks and feeds a lot in the day, unless we are out when she goes longer, tbh i think its more of a comfort than she needs feeding as shes always popping off to give me a cheesy grin which is very cute! she does go longer at night so i suppose we have it the right way around!

    i'll ask at my breastfeeding group on wed, theres a few of us at the same stage but we usually just discussing the night!
  • Definitely glad that she's got it the right way round! She goes longer between feeds when we're out or when other people are around which makes me think that she's not actually hungry and just using me for comfort!
  • Hey there. I like the name Phoebe. It's lovely.

    MasterG is still frequent both night and day. Generally every 2-3 hours, but does tend to give me a big 5 hour gap after his last feed of the day. Although on Saturday night he went 2 hourly all through the night (Sunday was not a good day image ).

    Similarly, he can be happy to go longer during the day if being rocked to sleep by the pram.

    You're not alone image

  • DS feeds every 2-3 hours throughout the day. I'd never thought of the fact that he may use me as a comforter but it makes sense as if we're out for the day or visiting people then he definitely feeds less.

    At night he wakes twice (sometimes 3 times!) for feeding and I'm resigned to this being the norm for a breastfed baby. He did give us a few nights of a 5 hour straight sleep, but that seems to have gone out the window now. I'm putting the change down to a growth spurt - I seem to blame that for everything though!

  • finley is the same, he feeds from me every 2-3 hours, sometimes a little longer at night now (thank goodness). It is so draining sometimes and you feel like a bit of a milking machine (my grandma gave me a pair of beautiful daisy earings as she said I was feeding like Daisy the cow! Not sure if that is a compliment or not, but the earings are very pretty! Grandmas hey!?!)

    It won't be long before our little tiny babies are being weaned onto solids - only three months away! Madness! x
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