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hungry baby

Was just wandering what oz of milk your little ones are on?

Freya is now 10 weeks old and it feels like she is constatly hungry.

She is on SMA hungry milk a since she was 1 and a half weeks old, at the moment she is on 6oz every 2 and a half, maybe 3 hours,

yesterday she threw her feeding up in the air and had 4 6oz bottles in 5 hours!!! completly confused lol

just a random post hoping to see if Freyas feeding is normal?! :lol:


x x


  • Sorry but didn't want to read and run..

    I am BF and Phoebe is having 6 feeds in a 24 hour period. I express a bottle for hubby to do the first feed of the day and she takes 6oz so I assume she is getting that much from me at each feed.

    Sorry but doesn't really help answer your question

  • Hi

    Ella is 9 weeks old and was on SMA until 2 days ago when we changed her to Aptimal Hungry Baby because of her colic/reflux. She is taking the same as Freya 6oz every 3 hours and taking 5 feeds a day.

    Maybe Freya is going through a growth spurt and needs the extra?? We have noticed that sometimes Ella eats more frequently and other days she can take it or leave it. Such little personalities already!

  • Hi, Jazmine is taking 6oz every 2.5 to 3 hours, totally 6 feeds in 24 hours. However, yesterday she had 8 feeds, so maybe she is on a growth spurt...? She has never been one to leave her feed though! image

    Just out of interest, how tall and what weight is Freya now? Jazmine is 14lb 3oz (last week) and is 62cm in length.

  • sounds very normal to me having seen other mummy friends feeding formula.

    I am feeding Finley on demand and he is yet to settle into any pattern, although it is roughly every 2-3 hours ish (sometimes more sometimes less), he cluster feeds in the evening and is (finally) starting to go longer at night (thank goodness)!

    I am concerned about his weight gain mind you, he is now 14lbs at 11 weeks and has dropped from the 97th, to the 91st, to the 75th and is now heading towards the 50th percentile... HV not too worried as he has a tongue tie and they say that can happen. It does worry me though... oh well, I guess I shouldn't worry too much he is a very happy baby.

    sounds like Freya is doing just great! x
  • thankyou everyone for your replies!

    glad to know shes doing good on her feeding, definatly put my mind at rest! image

    zls23- we think she must weigh around 14-15lbs, (we have our next HV appointment on the 4th october so just a random guess for now lol)

    at our last visit she was on the 75th percentile on her height and her weight.

    x x
  • hello

    sounds very similiar to annabelle, she is 6 weeks old and has 150ml every 3 ish hours, although most afternoons she needs another feed sometimes after 1-2 hours, this seems to then settle her for her bath and then her last bottle before bedtime... she is a hungry little girl and the only time she crys is if shes hungry , so i just give her a feed as and when she wants one at this stage...

    wf x
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