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Not Eating Enough- worried :(

Hi Ladies,

My little boy was 10 weeks on weds this week. He has never been the best eater (bottle fed) but has gained weight bang on his centile. However, this week he had gained but has dropped of the centile and the HV was particularly unhelpful- she asked what I was doing and said well you seem to be doing everything you can- that cant be the case surely?

He weighs 11.2 so on that I believe he should be on about 33oz a day. I have kept a diary and he is taking about 24 average each day. He will not take more than about 3 or 4oz every 3 hrs and some feeds are just 2oz. The dr thought it might be silent reflux when he was 5 weeks old and put him on gaviscon (which with my now 3 yr old daughter when she was a babe really fixed the issue) but with him has just served to make him constipated and even less prepared to eat. Using my own initiative I am now weening him off the gaviscon and he is now not constipated but still is eating no more. He is alert and smiley and seems very strong (having got over his cold from a week or so ago) but I am starting to worry now that he is going to keep dropping down the centiles and that there might be a bigger reason that he is not eating more.

I would be really grateful to know if anyone else has experienced the same or simply has any ideas?

Take care and thanks in advance... worried X


  • Hey, gatecrashing cos I saw this on the front page, just tht my bf son had silent reflux, but his weight was fine, however from the research I did, gaviscon is better for projectile reflux, however silent reflux is more of an acid problem so there may be medication that would be more suited to him - I can't remember the name of the commonly prescribed one but it might help, if he's finding feeding uncomfortable it may be encouraging him to eat less, although silent refluxers often overeat cos it helps. Hope that's been a little help x
  • Phoebe doesn't eat the recomended amount of food either but the HV have said as long as she is gaining its fine. She gains about 3/4oz per week instead of 6/7oz and has dropped from the 75th centile to the 50th centile. I was told by my GP that 10lb is still a good weight so not to worry. With Phoebe I try to make her go at least 3 hours between the start of each feed so that she will take a little more. When I fed on demand she would only take 1 or 2 ounces and I never knew whether she was full or not. Maybe you could see if making him wait an extra half and hour will encourage him to take a bigger feed? At night times she generally takes 2 oz and then wants to go back to bed so I change her bum to wake her up and she will usually take another 2! If you are worried or he starts to lose weight take him to the doctors, if nothing else it will put your mind at rest xx
  • Ella dropped a centile and at last weigh in had dropped slightly again. The HV wasn't worried about this (I was) and said that as long as she is gaining weight (albeit slowly!) and a happy baby then they are happy and that the centiles don't matter too much....

    Ella is taking about the same as your little one food wise. We have problems fitting in all of her feeds as she wants to go to bed at 6/7 and won't eat anymore and then sleeps right through to 7am. I know we are lucky but it's hard getting the food into her during the day! Again HV wasn't worried and said that she would soon let me know if she was hungry and wasn't getting enough - is he a contented baby?

    I agree with Glitter Bug tho if you are worried you should see your GP to rest your mind if nothing else, I hope this helps a bit?

  • Hey,

    Thanks ever so much for your replies, its good to know that other people are experiencing similar things. He is gaining as I said so I guess hes just not a big eater... his dad isn't so I know where thats come from.

    He is definitely not what I would call a content baby though, alot of that seems to be clingyness though rather than being in pain. If he is being entertained then you get the best coos and smiles- make your heart melt but the minute you try and do something he cries... he could do with being an only one but hes not so we've got to role with it. He doesn't sleep well at all, MB78 god i'd love your problem! He goes down beautifully at 7pm, dream feed him at 10pm which we will do the nappy change with tonight glitterbug!He takes about 3oz then, then from 1am he is up at least every hour- not necessarily for food but to be resettled. I think if he ate better he'd sleep better but to be honest clutching at straws.

    It's so hard to know whats the best thing to do, if he manages to go 3 hrs between feeds he often still eats no more and then I feel bad coz Ive missed the opportunity of perhaps getting an extra oz or so into him. I think I might go to the dr next week, if only as you say for peace of mind... role on solids maybe that ll fix the problems (did with my daughter) but then I feel bad for wishing his life away :cry: x
  • Have you tried swaddling him at night? It has worked wonders for us. Phoebe sleeps from 8.30 - 2/3am then 3/4ish until half 6 but only settles if she is swaddled properly. Hubby never swaddles her quite as snug as I do and she wriggles out and wakes herself up! I use the cellular blankets from Mothercare folded into a triangle. I lay Phoebe along the folded side with her feet pointing towards the point of the triangle, then I place one arm at her side and pull one side of the blanket over and tuck under her bum. I do the same with the other arm and then tuck the blanket behind her and out the other side. I know this is a different way to the way they tellyou to swaddle with a swaddle blanket but it is the way my dad taught me and it works xx
  • I will try that tonight- so dream feeds going to be nappy change and then a good old swaddle for him! Glitterbug if it works you'll be my best friend in the world!! Thanks for replying again, I do appreciate it... will keep you posted, fingers crossed xx
  • Hope it was a successful night!

    I think as long as he continues to gain weight you shouldn't worry too much, I think some babies are just smaller eaters anyway.

    When Matilda & I came home she was losing a lot of weight and I was told to wake her every 2 hours and feed her (day & night) it was exhausting for me and stressful for her! The HV said she needed to be taking about 50ml at each feed, but I was only getting 20-30 down her. Within days though she was gaining weight.

    Once she was above birth weight again I went back to feeding her on demand and although she was going a bit longer between feeds she started taking more at each feed.

    I'm a firm believer that she'll let me know if she's hungry or ill these days, so please don't fret over it (I know we all do tho) as I'm sure he will let you know when he's not happy with things!
  • Think we might have had a breakthrough!

    Glitterbug he almost mirrored Phoebe last night- feed at 10.15, changed his nappy when he would eat no more (about 3oz) but to be honest he still rammed his mouth shut- very stubborn ( again his daddy... honest!!!) and despite the nappy change would still take no more so not sure if that one will work on him. BUT swaddled him and he slept till half 2! Fed him (again 3oz) re swaddled like you said and he slept to 6am... I feel like a new woman thank you so much!! He was much less grumpy today too, think prob as he had had a good nights sleep! Fingers & toes crossed it wasn't a one off! he has even eaten a few more oz today- probably less disgruntled.

    MrsP, thank you too, I think you are right as long as he is gaining. I cant imagine the worry you must have felt in those early weeks. I think its true as well that he ll let us know if he's not happy- and my god he will let us know!

    Well hopefully now we can turn a corner- We even got his first giggle today which was a firmly aimed at his sister- amazing. Just want to start really enjoying my family (which I know I am so lucky to have) not walking around worrying constantly about the next feed with matchsticks in my eyelids to keep me awake!

    Thank you all for your help- hopefully this ll be the start of improvement X image
  • Yay! so glad it worked! I hope this is the start of a new routine for you and your little one xx
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