The Yummy Mummy Thread

Hello Yummy July Mummies!

Following on from Roo's thread about trying to shift some baby weight I thought I'd start a thread where we can share any successes (not matter how big or small) in becoming yummier mummies.

To start off, I'm very happy that I done a supermarket shop today and didn't buy any crisps or chocolate. This is definitely a first for me since having MasterG.

I also have a plan to borrow my mum and dad's Wii, and buy the Wii Zumba disc and start exercising at home - but as this is still in the pipeline, I'll update again when it actually happens.

Good luck to us all...


  • I have had a terrible week because hubby has been off on half term so we have eaten like crap! So, next week my aim is to get back to eating properly and incorperate a brisk 1/2 hour walk with Phoebe in the pram xx
  • i have done my 3rd week at zumba, have also bought the game for the wii to do at home but is so far still in the box :lol:
  • 3 runs this week, 30 mins each- we have a treadmill so when DS sleeps I take the monitor in the garage and crack on! Can only do it though when DD at nursery or hubby home but that's fine- managing to fit them in. Starting to feel the benefits... we can do it ladies X
  • hey, well done to everyones successes so far. I lost another 2.5lbs this week at slimming world so got my half a stone off certificate! I also beat my hubby at bowling on the xbox connect yesterday! oh and I also bought myself a pretty nightie from m&co to help make me feel like a yummy mummy again x
  • Oh nice nightie Roo! Are you getting set for making no3? image

    I'm so impressed with you Emz! Running during nap times, blimey, I thought nap times were for eating and sleeping. I can see where I've been going wrong. Keep up the good work.

    Holidays are hard GlitterBug, so don't sweat it. Good luck for getting back on track next week.

    I'm new to Zumba PP, but liking what I see so far.

    Today I set up my mum and dad's Wii and bought the Zumba disc. I had a wee shot at a warm up routine just to check that it all worked OK. Looking forward to getting started and seeing what MissG makes of it. Should be a laugh.

    I'm so excited to be starting some kind of excercise again. Wonder how long the novelty will last.

    Good luck everyone

  • Missus G there will definitely not be a no.3, well not in the near future anywayimage !!! I am still waiting to get a full nights sleep since having Finley!!!

    So slimming world this week I've lost another lb. Just 1 this week but still a loss. I am really going to keep at it and try for another 1 - 2 lbs next week.

    I am so determined to have lost 12lbs by Christmas.

    how are you all getting on? x
  • Well done Roo! Keep up the good work!

    I've been really good all week. Still not eaten any Minstrels and have done a 20min Zumba on Tue, Wed and Thursimage

    MasterG sits on his bouncer and laughs at me dancing and MissG joins in sometimes - it's sooo cute. Had the essence of home excercising today - I had to pause the routine to sprinkle cheese on my potato bake for dinner image

    Hope everyone and babies are all well.

  • Check us all out ladies... we are doing it- back in those size 10s by Christmas!!! Roo 1 lb loss is still a loss- you'll easy do the 12 lbs by Christmas. Missus G fair play staying off the minstrels and loving getting on the wii and the zumba- can imagine your little Miss G is loving watching her Mummy and joining in!

    Well I had a bad loss week last week just stayed the same but just got on the scales and have lost another 2 lbs. Just 7 lbs to go.... YAY! Done more running- managed another 3 for 30 mins this week and intend to do another over the weekend- Missus G to be honest I probably should sleep rather than run as my DS is still a nightmare at night but if I didn't run think I would go mad- gives me some much needed ME time even if only for 30 mins- if I slept Id feel Id wasted it! The bags under my eyes say otherwise!

    Do have to be honest though- intend to be naughty and have a cheeky chinese tonight!! :lol: Back on it tomorrow... keep it going ladies X
  • Hope you enjoyed the Chinese Emz. I reckon that all your running will keep you energised anyway, so you'll be fit enough not to need a nap. I'm still in awe of you though image

    Another small Minstrel victory for me today. I went to the Co with the intention of buying some, then didn't. Yay go me!!

    Also done more Zumba, and got MisterG involved today too. Total laugh image

    Hope everyone else is good.

  • Wore my pre preggo jeans yesterday - win!!!
  • Hey ladies- all a bit quiet on this thread- still going well?!

    Glitterbug, check you out in your pre preggie jeans... I've a pair of Miss 60s that I have had at least 6 years and they are my 'yes you are back in shape jeans' and no I am not in them yet! More running to do! I have had a minor victory today in that I was naughty all weekend, the chinese was just the start and yes I have been good this week but have been terrified to get on the scales... however mustered up the courage today and haven't gained- just stayed the same! Guessing the running must have something to do with it!

    Am out on a girlie night tomorrow night and have my outfit all picked- so so excited- haven't been out partying and clubbing in town for about 4 years and no I am not exaggerating and this Mummy cannot wait!!! Sure the alcohol wont help the wasteline but sure the dancing will help burn it off hey! LOL!

    Keep going ladies X
  • Got a lovely suprise on the scales this week after spending most of last week on a diet of monster munch and chocolate biscuits (PMT) - I am now 1.5lb lighter than I was before I got pregnant! Yay! I would like to lose a further 5lb before Christmas and hopefully get into a size 10 trouser (im a 10 on the top and 12 on the bottom atm) but on the whole I am pretty darn happy. Mostly because it hasnt been as hard as I was scared it would be to lose the weight xx
  • So glad you are all doing so well. I had a good initial loss, but have been the same weight for a few weeks now. Probably down to zero exercise and not watching my diet... at least I haven't gained!

    My friends is getting married in March and I am bridesmaid - so have been roped into zumba class with her. First one is tonight - bricking it a bit! Hoping it'll put me back in mind to do the wii zumba again and watch my food.
  • Hey there folks!

    Sorry for radio silence for a while.

    Wish I could come on and say I've been healthy and excercising, but the Minstrels have found me again, and MissG was getting so irritated by Zumba, that I've not been doing it as much as I should be (only once last week image).

    But onwards and upwards...

    I really need to find 'The Zone' again. I had motivation, and started seeing my hard work paying off, but have let it all slip again.

    I think I'll try and start being good again from tomorrow image

    How are you all getting on?

  • Not so good either!

    I am going once a week to a zumba class, but wii zumba has been in the box a little too long now. Will try & break it out this week... we'll see.
  • Hi ladies, loving this thread.

    After having knackard knees following zumba i have decided to ditch it and start my running again. I have managed to do two 2 mile runs last week and although slower than what I was pre pregnancy it felt GOOOOOOOOD!!!!

    Im aiming to do at least three runs a week and hopefully the weight will start to come off.

    As yet I don't know about actual weight loss as i don't own any scales. Clothes are feeling a little looser but still a long way to go before Im back in my pre preggers jeans!

    I have a little sexy size 10 number that has still got the tags attached and that is my goal dress. Im not optimistic that I will be back in to soon but one day, one day..... image
  • hey,

    how are you all getting on?

    Slimming world is still working for me! So far I have lost 12lbs!!!! And if this weeks weigh in goes as I hope, I will get my 1 stone off certificate!!! Fingers crossed, I will let you know!!!!! Weigh in tomorrow..... wish me luck.

    Exercise still not great. I did my xbox connect yesterday for the first time and my bum muscles hurt today... ouch! I will try and do it again this week...

    hope you are all still getting inspired by the christmas parties coming up. I bought a new dress from River Island which is very flattering as it is longer on the arms and ruched at the tummy (not sure how to spell ruched/rouched??)

    keep up the hard work you yummy mummies!!!! xxxx
  • Well ladies, I have been hopeless for about 2 weeks now. Had my exam on Monday and the week before was spent every spare minute head in books- think where I wasn't getting the runs in didn't have the same motivation to eat healthily either. Consequently too scared to get on the scales- will do by the end of the week- firmly back on it now! DD in pre school this morning so hitting that treadmill as soon as DS has his morning sleep! Wish me luck- quite scared!

    Roo 12 lbs is absolutely fab you should be really proud of yourself... you ll have no issue with that Christmas dress! X
  • I've decided its IMPOSSIBLE to diet while I am off work and at home. :lol:

    Every time I have a cuppa, I HAVE to have biscuits too! I just can't help it!

    So I have decided not to worry, enjoy these weeks leading up to Xmas, and all the food I'm bound to eat over Xmas/New Year, and start that diet/fitness regime on my return to work at the beginning of January!!

    I actually had quite a morale boost this morning. Went shopping as needed a dress to wear to my works do and found a lovely simple black dress, quite fitted. I have to say it looked really good on, I was pleasantly surpised! I haven't worn a fitted dress, or any party dress come to that, for some time!!

    I came home, tried it on with heels, tights, earings etc and hubby thought I looked fab. Even made a joke of saying he wasn't going to let me go in case I got chatted up! Partners are allowed to our do but hubby is gigging unfortunately!

    Can't wait to go and have a good time now!! Folks are babysitting Jazmine. I will prob only stay for the meal and quick dance after!!

    Anyone else got Xmas parties coming up?

  • Ok so since last post I have got 3 runs in, all 5KM and after much talking to myself, with trepidation I got on the scales... I've only gone and lost another 2 lbs- YAY!! Only 6 lbs to go and those Miss 60s are mine! Mentioned them to hubby yesterday and his words were 'well don't do it too soon darling- you know I'll tell you if you aren't there yet!!' Cheeky git- in fairness he's right and I'd tell him to if he looked a pratt!

    Z- no Christmas parties with work planned yet- hubby's don't take partners and I usually organize mine and not being there not convinced it will happen!! Got a lovely meal planned with our best buds though at a posh restaurant- def going to be getting a little number for that one. My friend we are going with is 12 weeks pregnant with their first so for once its not me with the growing bump- win!

    Hope you are all doing good and zumba, running, wii- whatever takes your fancy is still going well X
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