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What is your routine now??

Hi Ladies

As our little ones are getting bigger, I just wondered if and how your routines have changed?

With Jazmine she goes to bed between 7 and 7.30pm and sleeps right through till 6-6.30am. She has a bottle straight away, then some play time, the next bottle is generally 2.5 hours later, which she pretty much falls asleep on.

We had been letting her sleep on us, which is silly as we are then stuck in one position(!), so the last couple of days, I have fed her in the nursery for this 2nd feed and put her straight in the cot. She has then slept, after a little grumble for a minute or two, for about 45 mins to an hour, which is fab! As when I go back to work in Jan, this window will be great for hubby to get himself showered and changed etc.

Jazmine is still feeing every 2.5 to 3 hours, longer if we are out and she falls asleep in the pram.

She loves tummy time and loves standing on our lap. She will also stand if propped up, against our foot stool, for about a minute on her own.

She seems not to like laying on us so much anymore and is always straining to sit up. She also gets very frustrated if she can't do something!

I have to say she is such a good little girl though, always smiley and giggly - long may it continue!!



  • We are doing really well....

    Phoebe starts her night time routine at 6:45 and is dream fed at half 10. She sleeps through until between 7 and 7:30 and feeds (BF) play time downstairs until 9am after which she goes back in her cot and sleeps for between an hour and an hour and a half then its up and dressed.

    She is on 4 hourly feeds so generally 7:30, 11:30, 15:30 then 19:00. During the day she is awake mostly but will if we are out and about generally nap at about 13:30. I also put her in her cot at 1700 for a power nap or just quiet time which sees her through till bed time. Im lucky as she can self sooth by sucking her thumb and will generally be happy to lie in her cot entertaining herself.
  • We start the bed time routine at 6, she has a bath, cuddles in the front room with us for about half an hour with the lights on dim and tv on quiet. she goes upstairs in her room for 6.45 and has a bottle and usually thats the last we hear out of her until 7.30am

    has a bottle in the morning then goes back to sleep till 8.30-9 ish and gets dressed and has breakfast at about 10 (baby rice).

    She feeds usually every 2-3 hours (very rare for her to go more than that during the day :lol: )

    has a nap at about 12 and another inbetween 3 and 4, try to put her in her cot for the naps but sometimes she just sleeps on us

  • hi, sounds like all your little ones are settling down well into routines. My little girl never had a day time routine really until she was about 6 months, but Finley (maybe due to now being on the bottle, that maybe helps?) is in such a good routine, i like it!

    He goes to bed 6pm - 6am, same as his sister (except he still wakes once in the night for a 6oz feed)

    He feeds at 7am, 11am, 2pm and 5pm milk feeds (6-7oz)

    And he now has solids at 8.30am, 12pm and 4pm

    And naps at about 9am, 12.30pm and 3pm for about 45 mins - 1 hour.

    It works for us and is brilliant, I know what he wants to do each day and his breakfast and lunch is the exact same time as his sister so that is easy, then he eats before his sister at tea time, hopefully soon we'll push that time back so he eats with us all at 5pm and has his bottle at 6pm. That may help him to drop his night time feed too!

    I am just loving this age! Love it!
  • If its a normal day our routine is very similar to Roo85- prob comes from having the 2! He does still have 2 night feeds though! :roll: He gets up at 7am has breakfast and bottle, then further bottles at 10, 1,4 and 6.30 before bed. Him and DD in bed by 6.30-7 latest. Dream feed at 10pm and then unfortunately still waking for 3am! He has solids with breakfast, lunch and tea- hoping these will help knock out that 3am soon- no signs yet!! I too am loving this, can't believe I'm back to work 11th Jan (only 3 days a week though) it's gone so quickly... gonna enjoy these last 7 weeks. We've a big mortgage so could only afford 6 months, gutted :cry: X
  • Thanks to all for posting, interesting to read your routines.

    Emz, I go back 3rd Jan - gutted too! :cry:

  • hello,

    hope you and your babies are all well, my little girl is doing really well, im so proud of her, she is 13 and a half weeks now and our routine is going really well, she has a feed at 6pm and then bath after her bottle gone down, another mini top up feed and usually in bed and asleep by 7.15pm, she has been sleeping through till 5.30 am, waking for a feed and then sleeping until 8.30 and then having her feeds at 9, 12 and 3pm with naps in between each feed. She is really contented thought eh day but does get abot grumpy between 5 and 6, when it was lighter we would go out for a walk but now its so dark we dont do this as much!

    The time so going so quickly , my days whizz by and before i know it, it will be time to go back to work... i'm so dreading leaving her and also dreading asking to do a four day week and to finish at 5.30 instead of 6.30pm, any tips anyone?

  • Hi all, just thought I'd catch up with my routine... well Matilda's really!

    I'm not an organised or regimented person so for me there is no point in having a 'proper' daytime routine as I would find it tricky to stick too.

    We have a bedtime of 7-7.30 so she goes upstairs and has quiet time getting ready and fed and she will go down (until this week) until 1 or 2, when she has another feed. And a second night feed around 4am. She then gets up between 7 & 8.30. I know I should probably be more routine about getting up & dressed in the mornings but soemtiems I will do anything for the extra quiet time - so sometimes I bring her to bed for mummy snuggles :lol:

    In the day she does as she pleases really. She is quite demanding, she has a lot of feeds during the day (but almost never a whole one at once), so I am feeding the same one on and off for up to an hour a lot of the time. It can be a bit annoying when we are out and about as it takes a long time satisfy her.

    She naps 2-3 times a day, always around lunchtime and mid-afternoon (but sometimes in the morning too). I just tend to follow her cues on napping. And I am trying harder to get her to nap on her own as at the minute she often demands to sleep in my arms!
  • MrsP - you can't beat mummy snuggles eh!! Zxx
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