just aIt thought....

It seems like the forum has gone quiet with only a few regulars dropping in. Depending on where we all live I thought it might be nice to try and meet up to chat in person before Xmas. Like I say it was just a thought image

I know logistically it could be a nightmare..... Any one in the Midlands?


PS not sure why its posted three times


  • It is a lovely thought but I do think you are right re the logistics... I am Bournemouth way- right on the south coast! No where near the midlands! X
  • Hey Emz! I'm in Poole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zxx

    Shelley - lovely thought but would be a nitemare as I'm betting we are all scattered about!!!

  • hello

    i am in the midlands where abouts are you?
  • I'm in the midlands, Northampton. Where are you?
  • Im in Stafford.....

    The bull ring could be an option?????
  • yep or the pallisades next door that has a big eating area, we had our born in jan meet there, would have to be after xmas though its far too busy at the min to take the tank pram out!

    open to other suggestions, i drive so its not a problem, somnewhere to entertain my toddler would be good if its in the week x
  • I'm fairly easy too. Not been to the bullring in ages, if we do do Birmingham think i might brave the train as it'll be quicker, but haven't done public transport yet lol. I drive as well so I don't mind where we are! X
  • great how about late january?
  • Late Jan is good for me as back to work for 6 weeks in Feb!!!

  • Late January is fine for me too. Hubby is having soem time off work, but we haven't made plans for the time yet. And he'll be glad to have a wife & baby free Call of Duty day :lol:
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