Should I be worried??

Phoebe seems to be addicted to the TV!

It all started by her watching the 6 o clock news with us but now even when the TV is off she's looking for it. A friend told me that unless they are watching baby TV then it can have detrimental on development and now I am worried. I really didn't think watching the news would be bad for her.... :?


  • Jazmine likes the TV too, though I wouldn't say she is addicted. Sometimes when we are feeding her she will turn her neck to watch for a minute or two, then she turns away again.

    Sometimes we put Cbeebies on for her, but she is only ever in front of the TV for about 15 - 20 mins tops. If she is in the lounge with us in the evening before bed, she is usually sat in her little chair, which I turn away from the TV and she just plays with toys.

    I can't see how anything other than childrens TV can be detrimental though?! Strange!

  • haha your friend is talking nonsense, your LO cannot focus to acctually watch the tv, what is facinating is the changing colours and movement, i certainly wouldnt worry, does she work for baby tv by any chance?
  • Absolute rubbish! You have nothing to worry about- as Piggypops says they can't even compute what they are watching- they like the flashing lights! My DS will sit and look at the tele when its not even on- think hes trying to turn it on with his mind!! I can assure you baby tv or the news makes no odds X
  • No... Matilda is attracted to the grown programmes but I don't believe it's damaging. If anything it is just the bright lights, noises and faces (if they can see them properly) that will be so fascinating. Don't worry at all.

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