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Jazmine has discovered ....

... labels, and they keep her quiet!! image

In the last day or so when she has been in her little chair, with toys surrounding her, she has been really quiet. I was washing up yesterday and tidying the kitchen, and I thought, god she's really quiet, what is she up too!

She was just sat there, looking at the label and moving it in her hands. All the toys have little labels and she seemes mesmerised by them!! She was looking for a good half an hour!! Almost like she was trying to read them lol!

So, instead of Xmas pressie, we're buying her a box of labels!! ha ha image



  • My friend makes 'taggy's" for this very reason my Phoebe has two and she loves them. they are a cross between a comforter and labels..... check out her Facebook page

    from the heart taggys,,,,

    she makes them to order and would be a better Xmas present for Jasmine than a box of labels :lol:
  • How cute! :lol: Matilda hasn't quite gone that far but her favourite soft toy is a little bunny in a ballet dress. I think she likes it for a similare reason the material is thin and she can easily grab it and stare at it.... although it is white with nothing on it :lol:
  • Shelley - will def look int that - sounds a fab idea and just what she needs!! Thanks Zxx
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