I have a poorly baby :(

My little one is full of cold. She isnt too bunged up but has a chesty cough and is rattling a little when she breathes. The doc has said it isnt a chest infection, just a cold so we have to feed her through it and give calpol if she gets seems to be cranky as her throat might be sore or she might have a headache. She has been a little trouper though, very cuddly and quite pleasent and smiley, but obviously feeling poorly. Anyone got any home remedies that might help my poorly baby to sleep and recover faster? The doctor said years ago that she would have recomended Medised rather than calpol because its brilliant for treating colds, but now can not be bought for under 6's because some parents were found to be using it to sedate their babies!! Madness!


  • hello, sorry to hear your little one is poorly, we too have a little boy who is full of cold and a horrible cough that he can't seem to shake.

    We've been using calpol if he needs it but luckily his temperature has been ok and he seems quite happy.

    We bought one of those karvol plug ins which i think it fabulous! We were also told by our dr to do a steam room for him just before bed which apparently can help 'lubricate' their little tubes when they have a cough.

    not sure if this is anything you haven't heard. One depressing fact my dr said was that at this age a baby picks up an average of 1 virus each month, and a cold/cough can last 6-8 weeks.... in my calculations that means they will be permenantly ill!! Let's hope not hey!?!

  • G/C but have just nursed Hannah through a cold. Offer plenty of food & water to help keep them hydrated. For clearing the airways a steamy bathroom works wonders. 3mth old Hannah fully recovered in just 4days. Best wishes.
  • Sorry to read this GB, hope Phoebe is feeling better now.

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