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Jazmine's 1st Xmas

Hi Ladies

I hope you all had a fab Christmas. It's gone so quick!!

Ours was brill, although Jazmine was quite poorly Xmas eve with projectile vomiting and diarrhoea, she was still happy in herself though and loved the baby walker my folks got her!! image

Have attached a few piccies image





  • awwww she looks sooo cute, gorgeous smile image

    u wouldnt know anything was wrong with her, she looks so happy! hope shes feeling better now.

    Freya had a chesty cough and so hasnt been sleeping that much over the past few days, luckly shes so much better now and christmas was really good.

    having morning breakfast image




    x x
  • Ahhhh Freya looks dead cute too!! Its been so special this first Xmas, eh!! image

  • gorgeous photos! your little babies look so happy.

    christmas was great for us too, my DD who is 31 months LOVED it all, especially leaving out a carrot for rudolf! Finley was really excitable all day, he obviously is too young to realise why but he definitely knew something fun was going on, he enjoyed the wrapping paper and has already taken a liking to a few of his new toys (most of which were ones my DD had given to her on her first christmas I had hidden away, luckily she didn't realise).

    I also loved how he was big enough to sit in his high chair and eat Christmas dinner with us (well mushed up veg)

    I hope you all have a wonderful new years eve and here's to a wonderful year ahead with our GORGEOUS babies!

    bye x

    p.s we are finally (at almost 6 months old) getting a nights sleep!!! Finley has slept 6pm - 5am for 5 nights in a row...!!!!!!!!!
  • gorgeous babies ladies image

    hope they are all better now, we've been stuck with another cold typically when jasmine was starting to sleep better at night :roll:

    we had a lovely quite xmas with just the four of us, jasmine loved ripping the paper off which was lovely to see, she had her eyes on eating it!
  • Glad you all had lovely Christmas'.

    Jazmine & Matilda had the same Christmas outfit! Very cute. And Freya looks so sweet especially in the one where she is looking at the Fisher Price toy!

    We had a lovely Christmas day, with Matilda enjoying the wrapping paper more than anything else! It all went a bit sour when it came to bed time though as she fell off the changing table and we had to take her to A&E. Felt so awful, but no harm was done so we were very lucky and she is right as rain now! I was so upset image
  • MrsP, I know exactly how you felt. Jazmine fell off the bed about 2w ago, she was on her back and I turned to grab a nappy, and in about 2 secs she had rolled over straight off! I was mortified. She was fine though, but I couldn't stop crying for ages!!!

    You really do need eyes in the back of your head now eh!


    PS Glad you had a nice Xmas though image
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