I think Finley is starting to show signs of teething, he is dribbling so much we have to change his dribble bib every hour or so! He has started waking more at night, but when I rub his gums with teething gel he settles for a while.


today I went to boots and have got some anbesol, teething salts and I have just ordered a teething necklace too! (I know most of you will think it is nonsense... and I know it probably is too, but I used one with my DD and she teethed really well so am giving it a go again!!!!!)

the joys!

Happy new years eve, have a good one xxx


  • i thought teething necklaces were nonsense too but they work!!! the one day freya didnt have it on she cried for hours!

    freya now has a necklace for the day and an anklet for the night time. bongela works wonders too image

    Happy new year to you

    x x
  • Hey Roo

    We find the Nelsons Teething Granules work wonders, along with Anbesol. We also have an amber teething necklace - it does work!!

    Happy New Year everyone.

  • We love our amber anklet! I really think it works wonders - Matilda is so grumpy without it!
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