My baby has Chicken Pox..

2 days after Boxing Day i noticed that Phoebe had a nasty looking spot on her head it didn't take long before the spot turned into a blister and then I started to notice more and more on the back of her head. Of course I panicked as Chicken Pox didn't even cross my mind for as far as I was concerned she hadn't come into contact with anyone that had it.

Then following day I took her to the Drs as she had more spots on her tummy and back. In a way I was relieved that he confirmed she had chicken pox and not some horrific reaction to carrot or courgette (have been weaning her).

A week later now and the blisters are scabbing well but my beautiful little girl is covered in them and all over her face :cry: she hasn't been scratching so i am hoping that they won't scar.


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