I'm Very Sad ...

...as I go back to work tomorrow, full time. :cry:

I am going to miss Jazmine (and my hubby) sooooo much as we have spent every day together since she was born. I have been off work for 7 months in total, from the start of my maternity leave.

I've been really emotional tonight, especially so as after I gave Jazzie her last bottle tonight, we were just cuddled up on the chair in her nursery and I started crying a bit and she just sort of looked up at me and reached out and touched my tears, which of course made me cry even more.

She's such a sensitive little soul, bless her. I really am dreading tomorrow sooo much, but I have to go back. Just thankful hubby is looking after her in the day.

Don't think I will be getting much sleep tonight. :roll:



  • Oh bless you! It must be so hard to leave her & hubby behind for a whole day, not much I can say really to make you feel better but just think how pleased she will be to see you come home tomorrow evening!

    Hugs xx
  • Well, my first day wasn't too bad. I was crying on the way to work, but it was sooo busy at work, which really helped. Daddy and daughter first day went well too, so relieved. Long may it continue. image

  • Glad to hear it went as well as it could xx
  • glad to hear all went well, as they get older you are thankyful for a day at work to rest :lol:
  • Poor you Z.

    Hope work hasn't been getting you down.

    Enjoy your weekends.

  • ohhh I'm sure it is not easyimage she will always be there with a big smile at the end of your day to make you forget all the troublesimage
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