Sitting Up!!

Yay! Jazzie is finally sitting up, unassisted, and not just for a few seconds!!! She's doing sooo well! Its lovely to see her sitting up and amusing herself.

Her sleeping at night is still brilliant too. She's asleep now as I'm typing this - she goes down at around 6.30pm and sleeps through till 7.30am or even gone 8am the other morning. She loves her sleep like daddy!

I'm still hating being back at work, but luckily I have been busy so time has gone quick. I am now just living for the weekends!!! image

How is everyone else doing?


PS Jazmine is 6 months tomorrow - its FLOWN BY!!


  • Its great isn't it. Phoebe has been sitting up unassisted for the last few weeks and is on 3 solid meals a day. Its amazing how grown uo she has become and she's not 6 months until next week image
  • yay, i was just coming on to post this, jasmine has been sittingup today for a good 5 mins! amazing seeing them develop!
  • Its lovely isn't it? Phoebe is sitting up really well and wanting to stand (supported obviously) all of the time. Its really funny to watch her on her play mat now because she rolls onto her tummy, presses her head to the floor, pulls in her knees and tries to get up onto her feet! She hasn't quite got the arm strength to push herself up yet but I think it is only a matter of time before we have a crawler! I sometimes wish she wasn't so independent though, I miss her sitting on my knee and cuddling. Now she has more control she just wants to get away from me and into everything! x
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