Checking In

Hi ladies

Haven't been on here for a while, as not been too well, so thought I would drop in and see how you all are?

All is good with us. Jazmine will be 8 months on the 15th March...where has the time gone?

She's still having 4 bottles a day of 180ml at approx 8am, 12 noon, 4pm and 6pm and 3 meals a day. We're on lumpier food, no longer the purees, and lots of finger foods. New tastes she loves are tuna, baked beans and potato.

She's still doing well on the sleep front too, goes down around 6.30pm and sleeps right through till 7.30am, sometimes 8am if we are lucky.

She's sitting brilliantly, rolling both ways finally and crawling too. She's not that quick at it, but she is doing it really well. She is also kneeling up, which is very cute!! She also can stand holding onto something, she seems to have quite sturdy little legs, bless her.

The last 2 days she has been talking too, well, babbling :lol: she says baaaa baaa and maaa maaa, not daaa daa yet, which is odd as apparently daaa daa should be easier to say than maaa maaa. She has little conversations with us, which is adorable.

She's really got such a sweet, fun personality, and sort of gets jokes, if you know what I mean. i just love her so much and relish the weekends together, hate being at work in the week away from her.

Hubby is doing fab with her though and is a master at making our lounge a little assault course for her with pillows blocking off all health and safety hazards!! image

Someone the other day mentioned about having another, but she is our life, I never thought after 2 mmc I would get to hold my own little bundle of joy, she is all we ever wanted. I can't imagine trying or having another. I don't even feel broody, I just feel very happy, content and complete.

Over to you guys.


PS She still hates the hoover!!


  • Hey Z,

    Lovely to hear that Jazzie is doing so well! The time has flown hasnt it? Phoebe is pretty much the same, very chatty but has always been vocal from the moment she was born! She has been crawling for about 2 weeks and can get her self up from a lying down position.It was such a shock when I left her on the changing mat to find the sudocrem and came back 20 seconds later to find her sitting up! She has also mastered pulling herself up to a standing position on the furniture and has discovered the stairs so this weekend has been about baby proofing the house! She is in her own room now, we finally moved her a week ago, and she is starting to sleep much better. We only have one wake up in the night now. Pretty soon we will have to cut out the feed but at the moment Im not ready yet. She is quite a small baby for her age so Im happy to keep feeding her. She is on 3 lumpy meals too and loves her food! Her top teeth are about to burst through so we have had a couple of tearful days with teething. I can see them bulging and the top though and they look so painful bless her.

    I am loving being a mummy too, although I am back to work in 2 weeks. In some ways I am really looking forward to it, the only thing I will miss is Phoebe. I used one of my return to work days and really enjoyed it but was so ready for cuddles at the end of the day! Not that Miss Independent even noticed I was gone, I went in and made a huge fuss of her and she just looked at me and then carried on playing with her toys!! She is happy as long as she has some attention! I quit my mum and baby group a last week because I felt like some of the mums had 'competitive mum syndrome'. When Phoebe started crawling some of the women started asking me all these questions like how old is she, what toys have I bought to develop her skills and oddly how did you *make* her do it! When I said that she just did it by herself, no special toys or anything, I got a curt 'well she is obviously very bright then' and then no one spoke to me for the rest of the session!! I cant be bothered with people like that. She is my first baby so I have no idea what is supposed to happen at what age and to be quite frank I do not care. She will do things at her own pace and I will be proud of her no matter what. Other than that, things are good! xx
  • hello!!

    not getting a lot of time at the moment to get on here but lovely to hear your doing so well, jasmine is now crawling and cruising and is a chatty cheeky so and so!

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