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Any other gumsy babies?

Hey folks!

Not been on for ages. How are you all?

We're great. MasterG FINALLY started sleeping through the night at about 7.5 months, so I am actually human again and can't believe how close I came to completely losing it.

Eating well and sleeping well, full of giggles, babbles and smiles. Perfect wee man image

Still no teeth though, so expecting some sleepless night in the up and coming...

Anyone else still gumsy?




  • Phoebe has finally started sleeping through too! Not every night, but 3/4 per week which is amazing! She has been really poorly over the last few days so we have had some sleepless nights but im hoping she is on the mend now. Phoebe actually has 7 teeth after starting to cut them at 4 months. Not fun, I wish she had been a wee bit older before it started because the general feeling at my mum and baby group is that older babies cope better. xx
  • Well I can't comment on how bad younger babies manage, but MasterG isn't doing so well!

    He's been a grisly and grumpy wee thing since Saturday morning and I've been expecting to see some white since then, but still nothing.

    On gum watch....

  • We have one tooth... it keeps getting bigger & bigger but no sign of any others atm!

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