I think we might have had our first word!!

My daughter has always been very vocal and always watches our lips intently when we talk to her. Then the other day my mum asked her for a kiss and she sounded as though she mimicked my mum before giving her a kiss. It was very quiet so I couldnt be sure. However, I was just holding her and I asked her for a kiss and she definitely said 'kiss' back!! It was so cute!!


  • ah glitterbug thats lovely! Im so pleased you posted this as im sure my LO says mama. Ive been saying it over and over to him, and i know he doesnt know what it means or anything but he definately started babbleing it back a fair bit over a couple of days. No one else has heard it and they laugh at me and say he's too young at 7.5 months. I dont really know what age they are supposed to start copying the odd word but im sure thats what he was doing x
  • It was so lovely! She has said 'dada' and 'mama' before but like you we assumed she didnt actually know what she was saying. However, if you ask her things like 'where is the cat?' she looks over at the cat so I know she is starting to understand things. I talk to her all of the time and she is very vocal in her babbly way. Hubby has commented before that it seems like she is 'responding' to us even though it is just babble. No one ever believes me when I tell them about the things Phoebe does, I think because she is the youngest of 4 babies born to our family last year they expect her to still be a tiny baby! It is extra special when you hear 'mama' though isnt it? x
  • That is so lovely and special.

    Finley is being very slow with his sounds, he is such a happy baby and is coming on amazingly well with his movement but sound wise he only makes 'aaaahhh' and 'ooohhh' and 'eeeeeehh' sounds. I keep saying ma ma ma ma ma to try and get him to say mum as his first word, and my hubby is trying to get him to say da da da da! These babies are such fun aren't they! Gorgeous little things.

    He can now clap and if I say "Finley clap", he does so there is definitely some understanding there. I think they understand so much more than we give them credit for!

    So lovely to see more posts in here again, it was getting a bit quiet for a while. xxx

  • Its lovely isn't it.

    Roo thats so funny as hubby and i are exactly the same. Phoebe can say mumma, dada and bear but says mumma the most image

  • Aww that's so lovely! 

    Our HV said that dada is the easiest sound for them to make so is most babies first sound... not for Matilda! She does mama, baba, gaga, a sort of ha sound and some other strange ones but no matter how much we try a coax her she won't say dada!

    She is quite conversational, and very inquisitive, but no actual words yet.... but I'm sure they'll come image xx

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