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chicken pox :-(

So my DD had chicken pox about three weeks ago, then last wednesday Finley came out in spots! He has suffered so badly and some of the spots got infected so he's now on antibiotics. It's been horrible, especially in this heat. They are now scabbing over so at least once they fall off our house will be free from chicken pox forever (hopefully, very unlikely they'd get it twice isn't it?)

How are all your little ones doing?

I hope they have all coped ok in this hot weather and have had the chance to enjoy some paddling pool sessions?

It's very quiet in this forum now...! I always pop in to check but haven't really had a moment to write much. xx


  • oh no, hope he is coping ok, we are yet to get this although now our eldest is at playgroup i am sure it wont be long!

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