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Hi Ladies

Hope you & your lovely babies are all well. I've not been on in quite a while so just thought I'd check in and give/get little updates as we reach 1st birthdays! I cannot believe how quickly the year has gone by!

Matilda is such a lovely girl, mostly quite outgoing and friendly and has a lovely little giggle. She likes being read to and often sits just turning pages in books so she migth be a bti of a bookworm in the future. She is crawling so fast now - and always to the places where she knows she shouldn't be! I think she'd love to be walking but we're not quite there yet.

She is just cutting her 3rd tooth at the minute, she is so clingy when teething - part of me loves it as it is only me she wants and I get so many extra cuddles although very little housework gets done in these periods!

I'm trying out being self employed to see if we can survive on that - so far it is a tightrope but seems to be working and I am lucky to be able to spend the daytime with Tilly. If we were lucky enough to get pregnant again there would be no point in me returnign to work as childcare would outweigh my salary so I'm hoping the self employed thing works long term!

Tilly's 1st birthday is on 15 August and we are having a little kids party in the back garden the weekend before (I'm hoping summer will have arrived by then) and we will have a BBQ in the evening for our childless friends who are not so keen on being surrounded by children! 

I have really enjoyed this year, and can't imagine life without Matilda now. The year has gone so quickly, and although there have been challenges I wouldn't change any of it!

Some pictures of Matilda recently:




 Napping with my brother on a brief bit of summer!


  • Aw she is really lovely!! Such a cute little smile!!

    I too can not believe how fast this year has gone! Its crazy! I am back at work 4 days a week which is tough but we are making it work. Phoebe loves nursery, although she will not eat lunch there. We have worked out that it is a temper thing though so the nursery are just persevering with trying the different foods and I am hoping that she will eat eventually! I think the food they serve is different to the mushy meals that I make and she is just being a monkey! Phoebe is crawling and cruising really well. She walks behind her walker and if you hold her hands but has yet to strike out on her own. I dont think she is that bothered about walking to be honest because she can get to wherever she wants by crawling. She also climbs really well; she managed to get up onto the sofa and then up onto the bay windowcil in the space of about 3 seconds the other day! Hubby thinks it is cool but it terrifies me! Phoebe loves stories too and will listen completely transfixed when you read to her. She also loves music and lately has decided the most entertaining thing to do is to lift up my shirt and blow raspberries on my tummy! 

    We are having a little party for her on the 28th. Nothing big, just a little tea party for family. We wanted a BBQ originally but the weather has been so crap I decided to hire a church hall and just do sandwiches, amazingly it has actually worked out cheaper!. We have got a soft play area for the little ones so I am hoping it will be nice. On her actual birthday (31st) we are taking her to build a bear to have a teddy bear made. I know that she is a little young, but her nickname in my tummy was 'bear' and she loves teddies. She cuddles them and says 'ahhhhh'. I still have all of my childhood teddies so I thought that this would be something that she could keep as she gets older. I really love being a mummy and never imagined during those horrible months of colic that it could be this lovely, but it is. I would love to hear how all of you other July mummies are getting on too!

    Here are a couple of pictures of my little monkey:



  • hello ladies,

    DD is now one! eeeek!! shes quite the charecter with a very cheeky smile and giggle! we have 7 teeth and are crawling very fast and crusing and climbing (total nightmare!!!) she absolutelt adores her brother as he adores her, its so lovely that they are starting to play together. they love looking at books together and love storytime at night

    we had a lovely little 1st birthday party in the garden with some friends and thier LOs, luckily we had nice weather as her birthday was a washout!!

    i am more or less a SAHM as two in childcare is not worth me leaving my babies, i do the odd shift at weekends which is nice, dont know how working mummys manage!

    love my two little munchkins!

  • Hello all!!! Oh my gosh, I've not been on here since I'd just given birth! So nice to hear about all of your babies - and gorgeous pics!

    I really should change my pic on here!

    Daniel was 1 on the 31st of July. He is so amazing. Never thought I could be this in love! He did his first steps age 1 year and 1 day. Not really progressed much beyond that, we get 5 or 6 steps in a row a few times a day but not much more. Think he finds it easier to get around cruising and crawling!

    He too is a little climber and yesterday went on an expedition to get to the fruit bowl (I promise I do feed him!) which ended with him sobbing on the floor covered in bananas!

    He's starting to respond to books - he says "moo" (sounds more like "boo") at cow pictures and attempts to baa at sheep.

    I'm working two days a week which I swore I never would but we just couldn't make ends meet with me at home. But Daniel loves his childminder and all the other kids love him. Makes me proud as punch when the childminder tells me she never sees him unhappy image

    Daniel didn't much like sleeping when he was younger (always too hungry!) and we thought we'd cracked it, but at the minute we seem to be on another growth spurt. So lately I give him his lunch and then feed him every hour until bed in an attempt to fill him up. Alas I was still up at 5.20 this morning! But at least he goes back down for an hour.

    At his 1 year HV review he was in the 98th percentile for height and head circumference. I think I have a giant on my hands!!

    (I'll post pics later - I'm at work at the minute and have none on this comp)


    P.S. We have 8 teeth! 7 of which came through in 6 weeks image






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