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Does Folic Acid Make you feel Sicker?

Hi All,

Do you think that Folic Acid can make you feel more queasy? I do! I've not been sick just felt sick but I think that the folic acid and sickness might be connected!!! I can't wait to stop taking it and must admit that some days i've not bothered taking it (naughty I know!) I've tried taking it at different times during the day but it makes no difference image Been staring at the bottle all moring and still can't stomach taking it!! Grrrrr!!

Anyone else feeling like this



  • Definitely!

    My morning sickness just made me feel queasy this time, I only ever actually vomited after taking folic acid. I got to be like you, looking at the bottle was enough to make me feel ill, so I just gave up. You've done better than I did!

    Not long now xx
  • How about taking it before bed? Thats what I do x
  • Yes it has the same effect on me too. When ever I take it I land up heaving. Not taken it for about 3 weeks now and I feel awful because if anything is wrong it will be my fault.
  • Wif, I admitted to the midwife when I was booking in that I hadn't managed to take it much because it had made me so ill.

    She said to remember that cereals are fortifified with folic acid, and it's also present in bread.

    You might have been getting more than you thought xx
  • I found it easier if I took it with food. Eat a bit, then take it, then eat some more. It's def not good on an empty tummy!
  • Glad it's not just me then image I should try taking it before bed but afraid i'll forget as i'm so tired by that point! lol. My MW was the opposite and stressed how important it was to take it!! I don't feel so guilty now I know i'm not the only one not wanting to take it.

    Thanks for your replies x x
  • Are those of you past the 12 week Mark still taking folic acid? I've forgotten since last week but not sure it's needed now anyway?
  • Na, you don't need it now, spine will be formed by this point xx
  • Yes it was teh same for me too... I just couldnt stomach it but had bad MS anyways, I took folic acid from when I was 5 weeks and this is really naughty but out of a packet of 30 i still got one left :roll:
  • I have been pregnant for 9 weeks now. i went to drs after 5 weeks and they introduced me to 400mg folic acid tablets. one to be taken every day. 3 days later i started being very sick sometimes upto 15 times everyday. morning, noon and night.

    i  have just got back from drs 2 day ago after being sick10 times within 2 hours and he told me he thinks its the folic acid thats making me sick.i have stopped taking them and havn't been sick since.

  • I have been taken folic acid with this pregnancy and boy is it making me feel sick. When I was pregnant with my others you didn't have to take it and I have 3 healthy boys.

  • I don't know if it's specifically the folic acid, but I do feel like puking after I've taken my vitamins...

  • Hi ladies just wondering I am feeling a little ill after a week of taking folic acid as I am TTC and I am not pregnant as far as I know. Any help would be great.

  • Iv been getting the same problem im nearly 7 weeks on Monday and midwife said bout taking multivitamins with folic acid in it been taking them and feeling very sick not been sick though . Would it do any harm if i stop them 

  • The advice constantly changes on this one - a few years back you didn't need to take anything, then it was take folic acid for the first 12wks whilst baby develops, now it's recommended to take folic acid & vitamin D throughout the pregnancy & whilst breastfeeding...

    If you really can't stomach the tablets then there are simple tricks to bear in mind - a glass of fruit juice with your breakfast cereal will help you absorb more of the folic acid & iron, try whole meal bread over white, eat plenty of greens (rich in folic acid) & dairy (rich in vitamin D). 

  • I have been the exact same! None stop puling for weeks and i’m almost 9 weeks now and I stopped taking them in friday and as the days have passed i’ve slowly got my appetite back some.. and stopped puking.. feel bad that i’ve stopped taking them but I could not deal with the sickness anymore. I’m terrible!
  • Wow. I'm not alone then. Each day I was feeling worse. Friday morning I nearly collapsed in the shower. I looked at the bottles and something in me told me 'no'. I didn't take that mornings pills of Folic acid and vitamin D, as the day went on, I slowly started improving. By Saturday night I was back to about 95% normal, stomach a tad tender after the horrendous previous week. I have looked and I can get my 400mcg a day from a bowl of special K (30g gives you 100mcg, I had 50g) and 2 slices of Kingsmill vitamin boost (50mcg per slice) with a GOOD spread of marmite (100mcg per smother). Done. It's Sunday night now and I'm relieved to actually look forward to food. I was genuinely getting frightened as I was getting worse by the day and I reckon yesterday would've been a call to the hospital (as my hubby pointed out, would they have even realised what it was). My pregnancy was being taken over by fear but now, the cloud has lifted. Thank you SO much for this thread, it helped me SO much. Love you. Now go enjoy some special K (and if you love it, marmite) x
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