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Pelvic floor...

Anyone else finding their pelvic floor has weakened already? I've been doing a few adhoc pelvic floor exercises each day but find that sneezing makes me feel like I'm going to leak! This is my first pregnancy and no problems down there before! Could it be that baby is putting pressure on my bladder already?


  • Absolutely, it's sitting right on top of your bladder! I didn't do pelvic floor excercises lst time and was fine. I'm thinking perhaps this time I should do them! x
  • I sneezed the other day and wet myself....... I was mortified!
  • I sneezed the other day and wet myself....... I was mortified!

    Ha Ha me too. Bring on the tena pads. Baby 3 I have no hope with my pelvic floor image xxx
  • Good reminder - doing my exercises now! image

    This baby is sat on my bladder almost all the time and I hate having to worry about sneezing or coughing... Never had any issues in my first pregnancy, but you can definitely notice the difference now! x
  • i really need to do more! no leaking incidents so far but after baby number 2 I defnitely noticed the odd trickle when doing anything to energetic! Am convinced my pelvic floor is going to be knackered after 3 babies... eeek
  • Arghhhhhhh why do I keep forgetting to do the exercises until I see the title of this post?!
  • yep this is me, already do extra exercises.. I have been suffering from a tewrrible cold and chesty cough and when I have a coughing fit yep you guessed it I wee meself.. its just part and parcel of it unfortunatly image

    Miss Griff its hard to remember to do them especially before birth, after birth its easy cause you can do it while walking down the street pushing the pram, thats what I always did lol x
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