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arrrh finding it so hard not knowing whether baby is a boy or girl...x

I am one lucky mummy and have one of each! and this is number 3.

We havent found out this time around! and it's sooo difficult. Neutral clothes are boring! image and I am struggling with names!

Any Boys names ideas? . I don't seem to like any!! Girls are a little easier! xxx


  • hi heffalump just g/c my DS is henry joseph, i'm a bias mummy but i think he has the best name ever. We're a bit traditional with names though.

    Don't know whether you found out with your other 2, we didnt find out with DS, i found it unbarable at the scan but OH kept me strong and felt so relieved we hadnt as soon as we left the scan room. I knew natures biggest surprise would be waiting for me, the moment at the birth was magical. Would defiately do the same again! x
  • Hiya,

    G/C from DIJ, it's our first and we don't want to know either but I agree it's so hard finding cute clothes.

    Soon we'll all know and can shop lots! image

    I've bought lots of little bodysuits, and a few little tops but that's it as after that it's either lovely dresses or dungarees which are very gender specific.

    Soon be summer!

    As for names I love anything classic,

    Edward, Charles, Oscar etc for a boy and Olivia, Poppy and Rose for a girl.

  • I don't like neutral clothes either. It definitely made sense to find out this time as we have all of DDs clothes up in the loft and I needed to know whether to get them down and start washing, or start collecting boys ones

    We are going with Rhys Nathaniel David, but originally we were going with Theo. All the other names I like OH hates (Hugo, Kit, Taylor, Flynn, Jude) x
  • I am in the same boat not knowing, we didnt know with dd either so we have quite a few neutral bits from next mainly vests and baby grows with little grey bunnys on which are really cute! have a couple of neutral cardis too. as soon as dd arrived we were inundated with pink clothes pressies and hardly had to buy anything for the first year! I must admit I do like them in the right colour (even in pink everyone asked how old our little boy was!!!)not that they know. but anything other than babygrows and vests I am not that keen on in we have dds clothes most hardly worn and I have bought a couple of blue bits from next in the sale so that I can take both to hospital and neutral too!

    I find girls names easier too but had dd been a boy she would have been Alexander James (shortened to Alex) which we both still really like I quite like the traditional names for boys like william, thomas etc

    Luc x
  • Yes I am definitely more for traditional names image My DS is Thomas. I found out with both pregnancies before. But this time I really wanted to experience a suprise! image It just makes it a impossibility to get organised, but makes it more exciting. image

    I have two baby name books! and they are awful! I wouldnt think anyone would name there children half the names in there! :lol: and Next I have not been in there for baby bits and my children are permanently in Next clothes! image So will definitely have to look at there range image Hubby might disagree though image
  • I'm way too nosey not to find out!! And as we're having a third girl it's definitely going to save on costs! But I would find it hard to buy much that's neutral - in fact very little is even things like jeans etc tend to have a little flower or train etc on don't they? There is very little of the clothes we have that would have done for a boy (although I would have probably stuck him in jeans with a small flower on when he was really small or the odd pink or purple babygro!!!

    for inspiration, as our tastes in names are quite mainstream, I googled the national statistics lists of most popular girls/boys names for the last 5 years and went from there as we were really short of ideas for girls initially. The lists definitely gave us more inspiration than the baby names books.

    Boy wise I like Noah, Joshua, Joseph, James, Samuel, Benjamin and Oliver.

  • wow you have done really well not to find out this time around then if you did with your others!I would say you only need to buy a few neutral bits, I like most next clothes as think they wash well but dont think there is as much of a demand for it as so many people find out the sex! like feebs76 Ive look online at names as I have a name book and its rubbish!!!! Luc x
  • I so know how you feel at the mo.. E|verywhere I have looked eveyrthing is either blue or pink. I went into next teh other day and found some lovely lil teddies adn thought yep thats babys first teddy ( have already told oh that baby first teddy is coming from kiddies) it was a teddy that said born in 2012 and was even gonna buy a little matching bag but they didnt have a white one so I moaned at the lady behind the till lol.. I sid to my friend I was with that I ajm so tempted to go and have a private scan and find out the sex as am so annoyed that now a days there is nothing unisex.. even when you search uni sex they are either too girlie or too boyish...

    so what I have done is brought 6 white vests and sleepsuits and a nice white cardi and then once I am over birth within 3 or days I am gonna walk to tesco and buy either girls or boys stuff image
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