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Sharp pain across top of bump???

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if it is something to worry about. Woke up this morning wih a blocked up nose and went to blow it but whenever ever I tried I got a really sharp muscular pain across the top middle of my bump. I've had twinges in that area when carrying DD2 (who weighs 2 stone so it's not ideal to be carrying her!) but not when I've just been blowing my nose and not as acute.

As the day's gone on its not been as bad but it is still twinging when I move too quickly...

I know your stomach separates during pregnancy and that can cause pain in that area but i thought that was much closer to the end? Or does it happen. More easily/earlier on in subsequent pregnancies?

Any ideas? X


  • You probably have pulled a muscle? maybe when carrying your daughter? Mention it at your next midwife appointment, but i don't think they'll worry... unless you have the pain constantly xxx image
  • could it be rib cage pain? pressure as the baby grows and pushes up into your rib cage?prob best to get checked out Luc x
  • I have a stinking cold and coughing hurts the top of my bump. Baby is taking up a lot of space now and pushing things about and stretching muscles.

    I'd mention it to your mw but doubt it's worth worrying about x
  • Yeah my instinct is that it's nothingtonworry about but that i should try not to lift DD2 as much if I can help it. Easier said than done though as she doesn't understand why I can't.

    It keeps hurting if I sneeze so I sound just like you phat sue...

  • I have a cough, but it's hurting the bottom of my bump. Weird x
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