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So exhausted already!

Hi girls just need a bit of a moan sorry...

I feel huge, tired, and sore! My bump seems massive, much bigger than my first pregnancy. My pre existing stretch marks look already at their limit, clothes are very tight. I feel quite down worrying that this pregnancy will really take its toll on my body (I was already pretty down about it after the first time, I never managed to shed the excess weight despite my efforts, had saggy stretched skin on my tummy and boobs remained much too big).

I am really tired and my DS seems very hard work right now (just turned two). He is obviously having terrible twos tantrums which I can cope with, but he will not sit in his pushchair or highchair and so taking him out the house is a nightmare, he is only happy when he is running around at home. We are going on holiday on Tuesday and I am so worried we will end up prisoners in our hotel room, I can't even see how we will eat out as he won't sit still long enough. Before you ask why did we book a holiday I really thought he was calming down recently! Hubby said he has been an absolute angel the last few times he has taken him out, yet we took him out today for a few last minute things and he screamed hysterically for 2 hours, he took a good half hour to calm down when we got in.

I think he is tired some of the time, but he will not sleep anywhere except his cot. He is big enough to walk and has all the energy to do so but he will simply run off. When we put reins on him he gets upset too image hubby says I don't do enough with him but I simply haven't got the energy he has, with working fulltime and being huge and uncomfortable right now. I am also getting very breathless so am exhausted trying to run after him. I have a bit of pelvic pain too but a I can still walk ok I don't think hubby takes that seriously.

Sorry for the sob story!


  • Didn't wanna read and run so sending you lots of hugs!

    My son is 21 months and he can be very trying at times. And then when he is upset he wants me to carry him around which he is just too heavy for. He used to sit nicely to have shoes and coat put on, but now we have a battle every time we want to leave the house and I hate having to get cross with him and I haven't got the energy to fight him when he struggles and kicks to get away. "Luckily" hubby has experienced it too so at least he knows what I am talking about! I work Saturdays so hubby looks after him then and I can tell how stressed he sometimes gets from a full day of looking after our little man. One of my mummy friends (she has a little girl the same age) commented the other day that he just doesn't sit still and she has no idea how I do it... I do let him roam around the house and when he has his nap I try and do as little as possible. Fortunately I only work 3 days a week so I can spread the housework over a few days.

    I reckon your hubby should be in charge on the holiday and you definitely deserve a nice treat like a massage or even just a rest whilst he takes him out for a bit!

  • Thanks girls. I feel a bit better now as DS has been in a better mood after 2 early nights. I have prepared everything possible for our holiday so fingers crossed he suprises us and is an angel on the plane! It's been years since we went anywhere and it will be our last chance for a while so we really wanted to take the opportunity and get a bit of sunshine.

    I didn't mean to imply hubby criticises me, it's just as I work full time and he is a sahd he is much closer with DS and it upsets me a bit sometimes. He suggests I should do more with him and I do try but it's hard to find enough hours in the week when you are knackered from work, tired and breathless and by the time I get home from work it is bedtime routine. Obviously hubby is tired looking after DS 24/7 so if anything he is hoping for a bit of a break this week with me helping out too!

    Glad to hear my LO is not the only 2 year old who never sits still! He is a good sleeper though so we are blessed there.

    Anyway we are all packed now so I'm going to try and enjoy my holiday and week off work. I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks for the hugs xx
  • I really hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday. x
  • I hope you have a nice hol, sounds like you really need a break hopefully hubby can look after ds a little bit and let you have some you time, sounds like you need it x
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