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Hospital Bag

I have been making a list of what I need/want to take and thought I would share:

Hospital List






Bibs/muslins (probably just going to use muslins this time)



Nappies size 1

Wipes/cotton wool

Bum cream (zinc and castor oil?)



Nighties (various for labour and afterwards)

Trackie bums (dark colour)

Flipflops/slippers (didn't use slippers last time just wore the flipflops I had worn going in)

Dressing gown (thin, dark colour, may not use)

Knickers (cheap Primark, dark)

Socks (may not use)

Nursing bras

Nipple shields (just in case problems latching as with DD)

Towels (body and hair)

Flannel (for labour and afterwards)


Body wash




Hairbands/slides (nothing annoys me more than hair in my face)


Going home clothes (just wore same ones as going in last time)


Change for carpark

Maternity notes

Essential oils- or do they supply?






Spare batteries

Spare clothes/toothbrush for OH (don't know how long will be there)

Snacks/sugary drinks

Anyone got any other suggestions/essentials? x


  • g/c but maternity pads, nappy sacks & dry shampoo were in my hospotal bag xx
  • Ha ha, forgot maternity pads duh. Breast pads too x
  • Thanks for this, will be copying later image
  • Also - what are you all putting it in? Do you really all wheel in a suitcase?!

  • Last time I used a small wheelie case and an overnight bag. This time I'm hoping to use my sisters wheelie case (mine is massive) and I'll use the overnight bag again if necessary x
  • I think we dragged in 3 bags :lol: 1 suitcase was pretty much taken up by maternity pads and nappies... Also brought my own pillow as it made me more comfy when staying over night. I know we took far too much stuff, but I like being prepared for any eventuality. Am hoping to contain to to 1 suitcase this time with a spare bag at home that hubby can bring if I have to stay in longer.

    I would recommend giving your birthing partner a list of what's in your bag/s and roughly where to find it so they aren't emptying the lot out and creating a mess when you just need something quickly!

    I also had on my list:

    make-up and removal wipes (cause I'm vain lol)

    lip balm (Gas & air makes your lips dry)

    nipple cream (Lansinoh)

    eye mask and ear plugs (ward can be rather noisy)

    toilet roll (hospital stuff is rather rough)

    list of phones numbers (in case both our mobiles died)

    energy tablets

    TENS machine

    birth plan!

    and a special going home outfit for baby

    Will probably just use that list again this time... x
  • Ooh yes, lip balm. I'm actually an addict, can't believe I forgot that! x
  • my big must haves are

    Loo roll - The hospital stuff is horrid

    A drinks bottle filled with undiluted squash - The hospital supplied plenty of ice cold water but I really need something with some flavour. The water made me feel sick after a while.

    Snacks - I didnt use these during labour but was STARVING afterwards and it was a long time until breakfast. They did offer to make me some tea and toast but the tea went cold while I was having skin to skin and trying to BF and I never saw any toast.
  • We had a bag with food and drinks as well as I'm really fussy :P

  • Great list Kimmy! I'm so going to pinch it!! I am definitely packing a

    Old of Ribera cartons, for afterwards if I'm stipuck in hospital as much as during labour as I am quite a thirsty person and in hospital it's so hot I like to drink a fair bit and get bored of water! Same goes for snacks, I never actually feel like eating during labour but afterwards its nice to have something to nibble whilst in hospital. A magazine is good too as during labour you can't necessarily concentrate a book but a gossipy mag is something to read in between contractions!
  • agree with lots of the drinks and snacks , hubby was sent home after DS was born and in the morning you had to walk a long way to get breakfast and you werent aloud to carry your baby round so would have had to wheel his crib down which i was far too fragile to do ... so i was starving by the time hubby came

    ill be packing ipod and speakers too although think my midwife led unit has docking stations by the birthing pools

    just out of interest anyone planning a water birth what are you going to wear in the pool ? i have a maternity tankini .. think that be ok ?
  • I am planning/ hoping for a waterbirth this time and had one first time round as well.

    I wore a tankini top in the pool and plan to do the same again this time.
  • I had my tankini top packed last time but wasn't allowed the pool (meconium in my waters). Fingers crossed we'll have more luck this time! x
  • Yes I'm hoping for a waterbirth too - hadn't thought too much about what to wear yet - but maybe a bikini top as the tankini riding up from the bump might bother me a bit.

    Exciting we all hope for one image
  • I wore a vest top with support last time x
  • I'll be packing a takini or bikini top if I am allowed a water birth. Fingers crossed!
  • I had two bags a mini suitcase for me and a little shoulder bag for baby. I like to keep it all seperate incase anything happens then hubby knows exactly where everything is i was in for 5 days the last time as they couldnt get m womb to contract so can never be too prepared i had a 3rd bag at home with ll the extra sleepsuits vest and pyjamas/nightys for me.

    Also a little tip for any new mums y 1st baby was 10lb 1oz and we only had newborn clothes and the sleepsuits didnt fit his long legs so hubby had to run to the 24 tesco and pick up up to one month or up to 3 months as nothing fitted him he was soo long even the vests didnt fit him and we were both 7lb 8oz baboes ourselves so no one was expecting this.xx
  • Lots of very useful tips ladies thanks!

    I was thinking of getting some films on the iPad which might be a good distraction.

    Drinks and snacks I hadn't thought of so will note that down. Also my friend had the same issues with a long baby that didn't fit in any newborn stuff!

    How many vests/nappies etc did u pack? U could be out the same day or in for a week!
  • i packed a newborn size 1 pack, 3 vests and 3 sleepsuits, but ended up in for a 4 days, i had another bag of stuff packed at home which hubby brought in, i had the opposite problem with dd she was 6lb8 but very small and needed tiny baby and early baby clothes hubby had to go to Asda first thing on the sunday to buy new clothes.

    this time i'm taking a suitcase and then having another bag of stuff at home for hubby to swap stuff between xx
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