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24 week check up

Hi ladies

Just had my 24 week check up (although I'm 25) I had my urine checked , my blood pressure and we listened to her heart beat but she didn't check my weight . Now I know my bmi is high because they made a point of telling me when I first became pregnant but since then no one even mentions it ?

Just wondered if you'd all been weighed and said you were doing ok or if they aren't bothered in general ?



  • I was never weighed in my first pregnancy at all. They asked my weight at booking in but that was it. This time when I went to the doctor to tell them I was PG he weighed me, but then it has been the same as last time really x
  • I was only weighed at the beginning but I remember reading somewhere that they have a policy to monitor pg women's weight more closely to stop us becoming a burden on the NHS in later live (ffs)! Anyway as a third timer my next check is at 28 weeks so I'll let you know if they weigh me!
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