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54% of parents go off their child's name

Some of you may have seen this today...

I've not got much to say about it except it was an interesting read and so were many of the comments so just thought I would share it image


  • DD is coming up to 2 years and 7 months and I still analyse my feeling about her name even now. I'm not sure you ever stop really. Have to say, I do still love it!

    When we had her birth registered I did have a period where I thought, have we done the right thing? But I know we did x
  • G/C but hubby and I stressed about names for the whole 9 months I was pregnant. We couldn't agree on any boys names and the two girls names we both liked went out of the window at 40+3 when I had a complete meltdown and decided I hated them. We ended up writing a list of girls names that we both quite liked and had our own names for a boy, with me secretly hoping that hubby would take pity on me after going through labour and let me have my choice! We had a girl, and when I looked at her a name that we had both liked, but discounted at the beginning jumped out at me as her name. She is 7 months now and we absolutely made the right decision. She is a Phoebe through and through! x
  • DD1 was always going to be Jessica from before she was even conceived and I still love her name. Grace was going to be charlotte until about a week before she arrived when DH convinced me he liked Grace. I came round to the idea but then when I was in labour he said he preferred Charlotte again! We eneded up tossing a coin to decide! Sometimes I do wonder if it suits her (she's quite rough and tumble and not exactly "graceful"!) but I do love the name and the way the 2 girls names sound together. Plus we call her G-bobs because she was such a hungry baby she was always bobbing her head to work her way down to my boob and that really suits her!!! I can't imagine eitehr of them being called anything else as I think the name sort of shapes to the child.
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