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TMI.... Upset Stomach..

Anyone had this lately.

Past 3 weeks I have been terrible (mainly in the evenings.)

I have been put on iron tablets, but i have read that should cause opposite effect.

:? :?


  • No, things have gone more the opposite way for me!
  • I am def the opposite way this time around but in my last pg I had a bout of terrible upset stomachs, mainly in the evening and about once a week! It usually resulted with me being sick and having diareah but then in between bouts I wouldn't need a number 2 at all. Eventually the doc said it was a form of ibs and that I needed to hav loads of fibre (fibergel prescribed) to just keep things moving as sometimes you don't realise but everything kind of backs up til you get an upset stomach and it's 'forced out' so to speak!!
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