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1/5 engaged at 31+6?????

Hi girls,

So I have been to midwife this pm and she said baby is 4/5ths palpable and 1/5th engaged.

Then she said I should probably think about getting my bag ready!!!!!! I asked if it meant could the baby come early and she said yes, so this has thrown me into a blind panic as we have nothing really ready.

Does anyone have any experience of this??




  • Didn't want to read & run, but I've no experience I'm afraid as DS didn't engage until I was actually in labour, but it didn't delay him by any means- he was bang on time! So I'd just take ur MW advice, get your bag packed, but be prepared it may not happen for a wee while yet. Two friends of mine were engaged for quite a while and both babies were still late!! Lol x
  • I think they can be ever so slightly engaged for quite some time, I'm not sure that it is an indication that the baby will be coming early. However, I would still follow the MWs advice if it was me anyway!! x
  • My dd started to engage at 35 weeks, by 39 weeks she was fully engaged but I didnt give birth until 41 weeks!! It is a good idea to get your bag ready just in case, but you may still find yourself all bumpy in 9 weeks time! xx
  • I think 1/5 engaged is quite common at this stage in a first pg isn't it? Its only the very top of the head thats engaged. I'd take your mw's advice and get your bag packed (to be fair we should prob all be getting that sorted just in case!) but I wouldn't stress about prem labour or anything. When's your next check up? That will be telling as you my still be just 1/5, or more engaged or even bubs could have become unengaged!!

    With both of my DDs I seemed to be 2/5 engaged for 4 or more weeks and I went overdue both times image
  • Thanks for your replies girls, have calmed down a little now. The general consensus is that first babies particularly are often 1/5 engaged at this point but it doesn't neccessarily mean an early birth.

    However I think I should take it as a little wake up call and get myself ready!

  • My sisters pal was told a similar thing at 33 weeks and didn't go into labour until 41 weeks. Yes I think it's probably wise to think about getting a bag packed just incase. Just out of interest, how did the mw measure the engagement? My community midwife never tells me much and hasn't done any measurements yet. I'll be 33 weeks at the weekend.
  • Just out of interest, how did the mw measure the engagement? My community midwife never tells me much and hasn't done any measurements yet. I'll be 33 weeks at the weekend.

    It's not overly scientific Suej11 - she basically just has a bit of a prod and feel of the baby and what she can feel of the head. She can only feel the parts of the head that aren't engaged so it's an educated guess as far as I can tell. No actual measuring is done image

    It can also be confusing on your notes as you'll have a fraction written there 1/5, 2/5, 3/5 etc and I *think* that's supposed to be the part of the head that's palpable ie: not engaged, but that a lot of people confuse that to think it is how far engaged they are. Possibly some midwives note it differently too!

    Anyway, they only start to consider it once they know your baby is head down so if yours wasn't in position at your last mw check she won't have checked it image
  • i don't think it really tells by the engagement

    my son was only 1/5 engaged on the day i went into labour my midwife was in complete shock when she visited us both at home 2 days later

    went for my 32 week check this week and baby is still very high starting to ache under my ribs

    she did say though to expect a big baby as although my measurements dont show it (never did with DS) his bum feels massive already .. just hoping not to go too far overdue
  • It jsut means the baby is sitting in the pelvis and getting ready and it can be anytime, but saying that I was engaged for all mine at this stage and they were all late..

    A bag should be ready anyways as sometimes a baby dont engaged til labour, but follow the mw advice and pack it I have started getting bits together for mine now and really need tog et my arse into gear as I am 33 weeks now lol 

    Good luck and dont stress or panic, baby will come when its ready to come x

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