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I feel massive

Hi All

Just wanted to post as I feel so fat right now! I didn't weigh myself the whole way through my pregnancy but did this morning (2 1/2 weeks after birth) and was horrified to see how much weight I had put on... I almost wish I had weighed myself towards the end now so at least i would see some loss!

I am no where near getting in my old clothes and feel rubbish for it! OH has been great and says not to worry and that it will take time etc - but I just feel like a massive blob... then I feel bad for worrying about something so trivial when I have a lovely healthy baby!

Am I alone?

I am starting back on a healthy eating plan today and hope that that with my breast feeding will help but I just want to be me again!

rant over

Amy xxx


  • Hi Amy,

    I too feel fat and having seen some wedding photos we went to at the weekend have decided to start to lose the weight. Don't put too much pressure on yourself though you have an excuse, just having had a baby.

    I feel ready now though and am going to eat weight watchers meals and lots veg etc. and just not have cake or crisps (ate loads when pg) craved sweet things this time. A few years ago managed to lose 5 and 1/2 stone so know that it works.

    I'm not sure when can start to do more rigourous exercise though is it 6 weeks???? Going to walk a lot more.

    Let us know how you get on. I weighed myself and was horrified yest. but this week have lost 2lb. Just want to get back into normal clothes...

    Chelle & Katie (15 days old).
  • Me too!
    I did lose a stone after I had Olly, but my maternity clothes are too big and my before pregnancy ones are way too small!

    Went clothes shopping today and burst into tears on my oh as felt so massive at having to buy size 16 trousers when was size 12 before!

    Can't wait to start exercising properly, will wait until I have my 6 week check up at the doctors, as am still feeling sore with the stitches that I had.

  • I feel exactely the same!

    I was so pleased that I only put on 1 1/2 stone throughout my whole pregnancy but even now and having had Tommy 5 wks ago I have only lost 13lb in total! Even when he was born at 8lb I only lost 7lb - how the hell does that work out?????????

    Buying size 20 jeans really depressed me - I was a 16 before but working my way down.

    My doctors do the checks at 8 wks and because I had a c/section I cant exercise til then and its really getting me down!

    Maybe we could have a little "weigh in" on here every week and encourage each other? Give each other little tips and things! What do you reckon???

    Love Lee
  • Hi, what a great idea having a weigh in each week. If anyone else wants to do it too.... What day??? Also well done, 13lb is good going. I didn't weigh myself when pg, but after had her was 14lb 8 - huuuge. So want to lose at least 2 stone... hubby's got a wii fit game going to have a go on that too soon - had stitches too and not quite ready to exercise yet, but can't wait.

    chelle & katie (16 days old) xx

  • That is a good idea - I weighed myself yesterady and plan on doing it every Monday to see if my healthy eating plan (don't like the word diet!!) is working so if that suits feel free to join me and we can start a weigh in thread!?!?!

    I need to loose....brace yourselves.... about 2 1/2 to 3 stone which is the most weight I have ever had to loose... I dread to think how much i put on altogether! I hope I can do it. I'm scared that it won't work but have got to give it a go...

    My mat cloths are bit loose too and I'm sure they make me feel bigger than I am but pre preg jeans will not go up past my knees! how awful... really don't want to have to buy any 'in between' stuff but may have to as living in mat clothes is prob making me feel worse!

    Also I have a wedding reception to go to on 26th and have nothing to wear - I've said that so many times in the past but this time I really do not have anything to wear! arrr

  • Your not alone!!!

    I put on nearly 5 (yes 5) stone when pregnant...i never in a million years thought i'd put on that much! I was a size 10/12 before being pregnant and a 8/10 only a few months before that when i got married!! I've dropped about 2 stone so far (had Dylan 30.06) so not doing too badly considering i'm not even trying, but know i'll hit a point where i need to work hard at it!

    I think i will go to Slimming World classes, which i've done before & it worked for me! Plus my mum offered to pay for me as an incentive, as she knows how much i want to lose the excess baggage & she'll look after Dylan when i go!

    Think its great to have the support of other like-minded people though - so I will def join in the weekly weigh in!
  • Count me in as I have become a heffer!!!

    I can't get my old jeans over my thighs and me belly looks like my dads beer belly!!!

    I lost 3 stone before I fell pregnant and my fears of putting it back on have rung true...cry image

    I have a wedding in August and am sooo depressed that I will still look a heffer in a floating non-flattering dress while hovering permantly over the buffet all night..LOL...

    Katie the heffer...x x x

  • I still havent had the guts to weigh myself. I thought i'd lost loads cos my legs were so swollen that when they went down they looked tiny....they arent!! size 16 dont go over my thighs n im usually a 12!! iv actually got more stretchmarks on my legs since they shrank too! the whole inside of my thighs are purple!!
    really want to join a gym but cant excercise for 6 weeks due to section!!

    im still wearing my stretchy jogging bottms i was wearing whilst prg. neeeeeeeeeed some new clothes but dont wanna buy huge pants!!

    im going to a christening on sunday, im godmum so have to stand up infront of all the congregation with my mummy tummy for all to see!! haha!! oh well, iv got a good excuse i suppose!!

    i would def be up for a weightloss challenge thing on here!! what a great idea Lee

    x x x
  • Just to annoy me even more.......we have a wedding on Sat & the dress i was going to wear doesn't look as nice as i thought, so now i've got to get something new!! I REALLY didn't want to do this, coz i don't wanna have to get a bigger size....waste of money if i lose the weight as planned!!! Arrggghhh!!!!!
  • I have put on weight too and i can really see it in my face in photos. I dont know how much weight iv put on - i dont even know how much i weigh now but im wearing size 16-18 although i like my close loose not skin tight. id love to get bk down to a size 12 but would be happy at a 14.
    Im thinking that running round after 3 under 3's will be my form of excercise and as i dont drive i walk everywhere.

    Good luck on getting to the sizes u want but dont worry about it too much. ;\)

    Elaine and boys xx
  • I am finding it some comfort that I am not the only one in this boat... you hear of so many people who just shed the baby weight straight away and I just knew I would never be one of those people - trouble is even expecting it hasn't softened the blow!

    Well I have been eating healthily since Monday and haven't slipped up at all! No naughties or anthing... I really hope come Monday I have lost weight - I'm going to hold out weighing myself until thena nd just pray it shows less than it did this week!

    As I'm now eating a fairly calorie contolled diet I do wonder how this will affect me though as I am breast feeding??? I know techincally you should eat more calories but surely if I have enough stored dat that will help!?!? does that sounds stupid??? anyone know anything about this...
  • hi all i too am alot bigger than id like, was too big when i got preg so must be massive now (refused to get on scales but will do it this monday) id like to be a twelve again think im probably a 16 now ( wearing some old 14s but they probably so stretched as they really old ) i bought the melinda nicci baby to body work out dvd n it is so good you dont feel like u r exercising but afterwards you can so feel the muscles have been workin. the thigh stuff is great for me as thats where im carrying all my flab, the only really tough bit is forur oblique tummy muscles but ive only done it for a week n i swear its less blamongey lol xxxxxx
  • Hi Ladies, as discussed, it's Weigh in time....

    Monday's here and I've just weighed myself.

    I have lost 4lbs this week - really pleased - hubby says you should try and lose on average 2lb a week so as to maintain it and not pile it all back on too soon. I want to lose 2 stone in all and get down to my pre pregnancy weight.

    I haven't done any exercise yet as stitches still a little sore but just ordered Davina McCalls Pre/Post natal exercise DVD so can't wait to use that - hopefully will help me tone up too then will go onto a more faster exercise DVD after a while.

    I have been eating weight watchers/veg/lots fruit.

    I've said that as a reward, if I lose the weight I'll buy a new autumn/winter set of clothes.

    Hope everyone else is well / let us know how you are getting on.

    chelle xxx and katie 3 weeks and a day old

  • Well done you!

    I lost a pitiful 2lbs.. I have been following some recipes from when i did the GI diet a year or so ago for my wedding... its fairly balanced and calorie controlled... It worked before - but then again I didn't have as much to loose then! My aim is 3 stone but will be happy if I loose 2 1/2!

    I have that Davina dvd, and her power of 3 one too - did the pre natal whilst pregnant and was good - obviously didn't do it enough though! lol!

    I will start on that too soon - when I feel up to it - I'm still heeling too (stitches)!

    Hubby has just set up a gym in garage too - for both of our benefit really - so in a few weeks i'm going to start going out there for a workout in the evenings - we have a cross trainer, ex bike, latteral thigh trainer, weights bench and punch bag so hoping that will all help too!

    Although the thought of sitting on an ex bike makes my eyes water at the mo!

    Amy and Zac (3 weeks and 5 days old)
  • hiya, I think 2lbs is good going - well done.

    Steady but surely they say.

    Your gym sounds fab, we have an electric treadmill in the garage but can't get to it as it's full of junk. LOL, going to try and get to it and move into the house.

    Will weigh in again Mon, v. exciting... feel in more control now and determined.

    Don't do too much exercise though and hurt yourself.

    chelle x
  • I wondering now if I'm eating too little as I'm breast feeding - there was a post on the bf board that said about dieting whilst feeding and that if you cut out too much your body stored the fat to produce the milk... and someone said you should really be having about 2000 calories a day - I've only been having about 1500 or so max...

    not sure what to do and wondering if that was why i didn't loose much this week!?!?

    any ideas????

    should i up what I eat (still all healthy stuff of couse)???
  • Hi, found this on another site, hope it helps...

    There are so many myths surrounding breastfeeding, and one of them is that you shouldn't diet whilst feeding your baby. The biggest problem is that the body very cleverly manages to give some mothers an enormous appetite whilst breastfeeding so that although they may not gain weight during feeding, they do not lose any either. Worse still is when, after stopping breastfeeding, the weight piles on because the appetite remains enormous. You may be able to tell from the tone, I have lived this problem! If you are sensible, it is OK for you to diet while breastfeeding. Your baby will take from you the calories he/she needs and if you are not eating enough your body will burn fat to produce the milk. You need not diet drastically as a six-week-old baby is probably taking about 1080 calories from you per day. Therefore if your diet is restricted to about 2000-2500 calories a day you will lose weight. Make sure that the food you eat is well balanced, giving proteins, fats and carbohydrates, plus lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

    Chelle & Katie Mia x
  • wow i thought it was only 500 callories used up! i got weighed today n was 12st 7 which means ive lost quite a bit thru being ill with the womb infection etc. will weighin again monday so im up to date with u girls xxxx
  • Am defo joining you this week ladies!

    Was at my dads for a few days last week and there is absolutely no point trying to lose weight when I am there! He goes on at me about my weight then dishes up the most fattening dinners which taste soooo good that I cant leave any!

    The fruit bowl is full and incentive is high (especially with the sun shining and having no summer clothes to wear). OH is picking up my lateral thigh trainer tomorrow so will hit that with a vengence now my 6 wks after section is up!

    Also whilst having severe pregnancy brain I told my best mate and OH that I would have the body of Carmen Electra by Christmas and they are taking the piss out of me big time now! I saw a bloody piccy of the woman in the paper the other day wearing the tiniest red bikini and I realised I havent had a figure like that since I was a 14 year old school girl so god help me now I am a 38 year old mother of 3!!!! Oh well, suppose theres got to be some sort of goal but dropping 6 dress sizes by Christmas is pushing my luck I suppose - looking more like might have the body of Jade Goody by Christmas lol!!!

    Wish me luck as I walk past the sweet shop and head towards my fruit bowl!!!

    Good luck to everyone else (and 2lb is a brill weight loss (imagine it as blocks of butter or bags of sugar!!!!)

    Love Lee

  • Hi Ladies, I just wanted to join this post because I can totally relate to everything that everyone has said and im so glad im not alone. I weighed myself the day i came out of hospital (naughty i know) but i weighed 13st, Sophie is now 5weeks old today and Iv gone down to 12st 4lb, which although its going in the right direction i was hoping to have lost more than that in 5weeks.

    Can't wait to have my 6wk post-natal check and get the all clear on my section scar and stuff, then i will be starting an exercise regime to see if i can tone up my very saggy tummy (although i think only surgery will fix it), and shift this weight abit quicker. Sounds like all you ladies have made a good start, happy healthy eating to everyone. Kerry xxx
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