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FAO Junnie Mummie

Hi Hun,
Soooooooooooooo sorry it has taken me so long to reply, B E would not let me log on for some strange wishj you had facebook as can use it on my phone...

Just wanted to say Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy PINK bump.

So, so, so , so, so, pleased for you hun.

As for names I loved Trinity and had my heart set on it for Sienna but OH didn't like it.
Also loved Elodie, Alicia, Brooke, Autumn, Freya, Kelis

Hope your pregnacy is going well and can't wait to see pics of your little girl.
Big Love to the boys.x x x x


  • Hi hun - thanks for the post!

    I love the name Elodie & Trinity is really pretty too!

    How did you find having a girl after boys? Im struggliing a bit tbh. I am looking forward to having a daughter to bond with, it sounds daft but everything else makes me panic. Im scared she'll hate having 3 older bros. Its really silly :roll: but I just cant imagine having a tiny little girl amongst 3 boistrus boys. I still havnt called bump her or she, just baby. My mum and sister are so excited after all the bullsh*t at the begining and Im really pleased about that.

    Sorry this has turned into a bit of a depressing post. :roll: I am really liking Elodie, will have to put it to OH! Thanks hunnie! xxxxx
  • Hi hun.....Firstly soo pleased your mum and sister are excited for you as its one less thing for you to worry about and so much joy for you all to share.

    So in answer to your question about having a girl after boys, how did I find it....A BREEZE!!!!
    Sienna is such a little angel and the boys fight for her attention so everyones a winner, lol, lol...

    Trust me hun, your boys will dote over her and she will soon learn how to lap it up and work on their attention coz even tho sienna is only 6 months old she has Sam wrapped round her little finger, she only has to make the slightest sound and he is by her side. Mason gives her a rub on the head or a kiss on the ey if she cries. as for worrying about the boys around her, don't as you will be permantly stressed!!
    Mason has sat on Siennas head, ran over her toes with his ride-on, poked her in the eye, nose, mouth, given her a roast beef monster munch, a flower, and I could go on............ all in a blink of an eye, literally!!!

    Yay, so pleased you like Elodie, I have loved it for years as I had it on my list if Mason was a girl!!!!

    Well please keep me updated, so wish you had fb hun, as am on there everyday.

    Take care, hugs to the boys.xxxxxxxxx
  • Aaww sounds like shes slotted right in! That is so lovely. lol about her having sam wrapped around her lil finger. hehehe! Bless her being fed a Beef monster munch! haha, I remember Tyler being fed all sorts of things when he was a baby but I know that HE will be the worst for it this time round! xx

    Elodie is definately on our list as OH said 'yeh its ok' (which is a step up from UMPH or Nah!' lol.

    What do you think of Brooke?

    I dont like FB, not only because of all the stresses it causes but I know I'd be on there all day! lol. xx

    big hugs back hun! xxxxxx
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