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pg junies bump post

ill start, although im sure ive seen a post for this

24 weeks


  • wow lovely bump hun!!! Will get one uploaded asap. Think its only you me & Zoey left and shes having bubs 22nd Jan. xx
  • i thought a couple of other junies were pregnant, oh well xx lets see that bump missy xx
  • I dont think so

    Katie had Sienna
    Jules+Olly had chloe
    Nat had Olyvia
    Tammi had Leighton
    Sarah & Samuel had Layla

    just you, me and Zoey xx
  • Am i one of the only junie mums not to have another on the way image

    Beautiful bump Tracey! Makes me very broody xxx
  • Same here amylou, your not on your own hun!! ;(

    Lovely bump hunnie!!
    Elaine, I want to see your bump too!!!! NOW!!!!
    x x x
  • I'm another currently not pregnant so your not alone Amylou and Sugar and Spice

  • was starting to feel lonely but not now! Are you guys planning any more?
  • Yes defo planning another one!! Not til July though image
    I sadly had a mc at new year. Beanie was'nt planned but really wanted all the same. I'm still not over it now to be honest. Had a scan today and everything is now gone, I had difficulty holding back the tears image Guess it's time to move on now and look forward rather than back.
    Is anyone else planning on more this year? x x x
  • Sorry to hear that S&S. If it was only new year then you are bound to still be finding it hard to deal with. Bless you. Bug Hug xxx

    We want two more all being well, and are planning to TTC next year! I fell quickly last time so assuming the same happens this time I am torn with when to start trying... If we try straight away in the Jan then I could get a Sept/Oct baby so just over 3 year gap, or do we wait until the June before trying then would get a March/April baby which is nearly a 4 year gap...

    I always said I wanted to time another to arrive when Zac started school so am edging forward a bit as I'm very broody right now! Then I have a bad day/night with Zac and don't know how I'd cope with two! lol


  • 28 weeks + 4 days

  • lovely bump T! xx

    I will do one today! xx
  • pls dont laugh! I know I look fat & funny but this is my 4th pg!

  • 10 wks

    today at 22+6 (excuse the pjs)

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  • Elaine what are you on about, fat and funny? Thats a fanastic bump you have there hunnie!!
    Tracey I can't believe you are 28 weeks! your bump is sooooo neat!!! x x x
  • Thanks sarah but I feel so wibly rather than neat and tight! lol.

    I am dreading what my belly will be like after this one! image
  • It will be fine darling!! Plenty of time to loose that baby tummy!! Unless you go for number 5 instead!!! lol!! x x x
  • lol NO WAY!!!!!!!
  • 29+5

    omg im huge now!!!!!!!!

    10 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!
  • wow Tracey you are growing fast now!

    Happy 30 week milestone!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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