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8month check?

Hi Ladies,
Iv seen alot of posts about their LOs having a check up at 8months. R these appt sent out to u or do u have to go see ur HV coz Sophie is now 9months and hasnt had a check up. In fact the last time she saw a health visitor was november wen i moved into my new house. Shud i chase this up, r the checks important or do they just weigh them like any other clinic visit. Cheers xxx


  • Some areas dont have them till a year but you could always call your HV and ask.

  • Think i will, i cnt remember weva i had this with Rhys, i had a sleep since then, cheers elaine x
  • Hi hun. Livs was spose to have hers at a year. However Im without a car at the mo. I phoned up the health vistor to arrange a time for her to come and do Charlies two year check at home. I just asked if it would be ok to kill 2 birds with one stone so to spk and just do them both at the same time. She said it was fine however now they have started doing them at a year but if I was happy to have it at 8 months then so was she. So Livs had hers about a week after she was 8 months. So it prob depends on where you live as to when they do them now. x x x
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