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10 weeks breastfeeding n still going strong

I am so proud of myself my little one Caitlin is now 10 weeks and weighs 11lb 6 and I'm so proud that I'm still breastfeeding, well I thought I wouldn't be able to manage for so long. I have set myself goals first was 4 weeks then 8 weeks and now 16 weeks, I will be so happy if I make it till then. She is doing so well and is such a happy little girl. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful bf and two adorable children.


  • aaww you should be proud of urself i only managed just over a week and feel really guilty about it!!

    Im sure u'll hit ur 16 week goal and beyond!!

    Elaine and boys xx
  • Hi Elaine

    Well hun to be honest if I had 3 under threes I wouldnt have carried on. Robbie is 5 so I try to get him involved, he helps express by pumping the breast pump, and helps get nappies and things so its easier plus I put Doctor Who on while I feed and that seems to keep him quite lol

    How are the boys, adjusting to having another lo around, I admire you, I couldnt cope, worried though I havent had a period yet and its been 10 weeks, think its due to breastfeeding although I use anything as I need to wait for my coil to be fitted and have allergic reaction to condoms so using the old pull out in time method, as pill is useless fallen pregnant twice on that already.

    Well I could natter for England lol hope ur all good

    Take care

  • Robbie is such a cutie! Hes sounds like such a good lil man too. Caitlin is gorgeous too! I can see why ur very proud of them!

    My boys are good thanx. They love Tyler. They also help me with nappies and bottles.

    LOL with Doctor Who - my TV bribe is Fireman Sam!! LOL!!

    I fell pg on the pill twice too!! - I had antibiotics and never knew they affected the pill then 9 months later came James. Then after him I went bk on the pill but bled for 28 days straight!! Came off of that the bleeding stopped then 9 months later we had Isaac!!

    How would you feel if you were pg again?

    Elaine xx
  • it would be such a strain, but im sure i'd cope i would have to

    Caitlin is my little princess and Robbie is a cutie too but tries my patience so much, he's at an akward age

  • Hi hun, just wanted to say well done to you for getting to 10 weeks. Olivia is 9 and a half weeks and I'm still feeding her too. Never thought I would have done it for this long either as I've got 3 under 3 and a half!! I actually find it easier tho coz I'm lazy and can't be bothered to make up the bottles!!
    Elaine don't feel guilty about it hun, I know how hard it is having 3 little ones and it's hard giving them all attention as it is! How are you finding it? all I know is I'm def not having ne more for at least 5 years or possibly ever!!! I'm lucky if I manage to go to the toilet on my own! Have only just started coming back on here really as Olivia is sleeping for longer periods now, thankfully. Sarah x x x
  • Well done hun, I'm still hanging in there at 9 weeks as well. Like Sarah I am far too lazy to make up bottles and Millie is being really good about playing nicely while I am feeding. I have no idea how you cope with three however you feed them! My two are enough to drive me round the bend :lol:
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