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he slept through!!!!!!!!!

Im soooooooo happy - he woke up at 5am but i am not complaining coz he went down at 8! so thats 9hrs of solid sleep!! I hope this is the start of things to come!!! imageimageimage xx


  • YAY!! Must be somethin in the air at the mo, Lilys been really good with her sleepin lately. Bet u feel so much better for more sleep? Hope it continues for you x
  • Yay for Tyler image

  • Well done Tyler, and about time cheeky monkey! Hope you are enjoying it Elaine! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Ooooo how lovely for you hun, Hope he keeps it up as you need as much rest as you can.
    Happy solid sleeping!!!x x x
  • Well done Tyler!!! image
    Enjoy the extra sleep hun. I'm sure it helps when the days get shorter. All 3 of mine have been going to bed earlier and sleeping in longer recently. Strange thing is they always remember to wake up at least an hour earlier on a Sat and Sun!!! WHY?!! x x x
  • it didnt last :roll:
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